Afternoon in Guildford

River Wey from Debenham's restaurant

River Wey from Debenham’s restaurant

Raining all day, often heavy.

Taxi to the station, else I would have got soaked. I forgot I have got a large umbrella.

Cappuccino off FCB coffee kiosk at Guildford Station.

I could not see the rain, I could hear it hammering on the roof.

It eased off, I made it Debeneham’s.

Turkey. It was turkey on Tuesday. It has been turkey every time I have looked. It is bad enough turkey every day over Christmas. Do they not realise pople do not want turkey, they are sick of turkey. Customer feedback, what is the point if no one listens? Staff know customers do not want turkey, but turkey is served on dikatat from head office. They used to serve excellent roast turkey, but instead they serve turkey.

Turkey it was. The vegetables were stone cold. Kitchen staff kindly hotted it up. Now it was piping hot, but it was not good. I only ate about half.

I regretted not eating elsewhere.

Still raining. A cheesecake and pot of tea. This was far better than the roast dinner.

It was still raining when I left, but at least not heavy.

Market deserted.

Pomegranates even dearer than last week. Now £1-20 each.

Nothing reduced, even though end of the day and no customers.

At least it had now stopped raining.

Looked in the cheese shop in Chapel Street. I wanted Caerphilly cheese. Cheese stall had none, neither the cheese shop. I had excellent Caerphilly cheese off the cheese stall in Winchester. I will have to find out what is is. Winchester cheese stall did tell me.

Excellent glass of red wine in La Casita.

Appalling piss-poor service in M&S. Easy to see why it is a failing retail chain.

Only two check-outs serving. I asked to be served at information counter. They refused. Asked they opened more tills. They refused. They directed me to sue the self service.

I should have dumped my goods on the floor and walked out.



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