Day in Brighton

Brighton seafront

Brighton seafront

Last Sunday, nightmare of rail works Gatwick to Brighton. This Sunday, same nightmare, plus rail works on line to Gatwick.  The nightmare of weekend rail works gets worse.

As clocks had gone back, set off an hour earlier. Bus failed to turn up, no information at station, as a result missed train at Guildford.

Misty in the morning, dull and grey, then en route to Brighton, clouds broke up and the sun came out.

Arrived an hour late, thanks to rail works and late bus.

Walked down to the sea front. Pleasantly warm and sunny.

Mistake of chips and fish cake from Carousel’s on the sea front. Both were disgusting. Even the sea gulls did not try to steal, that was how bad.

Walked back to the North Laine up through the Royal Pavilion Gardens.

Lunch at Iydea. Not as good as last week. Very variable, sometimes good, some times not so good.

Had I been earlier, sun would have been shining through the street, now too late.

From Resident a copy of Citizen Of Glass and a special limited edition of Aventine.

I asked, and they knew what I was after. I popped back alter to buy, and they had playing Citizen Of Glass, a wonderful album.

I suggested they would also like Jewelia.

I also picked up two more of the special bags.

From Magazine Brighton, copies of November issue of Viva Brighton and Viva Lewes.

I was told could also find at the station. Picked up a couple more copies of Viva Brighton as I passed through later.

Walked back down to the seafront, but no time to take a walk.

Cappuccino at Pelicano House. I thought I would miss the bus, but luckily time to catch as I did not wish to catch a later bus.

Apart from much longer journey, not problems en route.

At M&S at Gatwick girl serving was curious about the bag, said she liked it. I said it was special for the album Citizen Of Glass.  I should have said, pop down to Brighton, visit Resident in North Laine, buy the album, and ask for the special bag.

I noted for her Danish singer-songwriter Agnes Obel.

Thanks to the rail works and bus failing to turn up and missed train, my day in Brighton four hours.

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