Dull grey afternoon in Farnham

Yesterday at least started off sunny. Today, dull and grey.

Krema, no soup, sold out. Very busy.

Barista Lounge, kitchen closed, empty.

Barista Lounge need to get their act together, else they will no longer be in business.

Farnham Wholefoods, difficult to see them surviving. They opened in September, no signage, half a dozen staff. Last week maybe three. This afternoon one. I have yet to see anything in the shop worth buying. A good wholefood shop would be an asset. They need to visit Brighton and take a look at Grocer and Grain and Infinity foods.

Lamb and chickpea soup in Gail’s not very good.

Gail’s was almost empty. The initial interest when they opened must have already waned. Only three staff, and none who I recognised from when they opened. Very bad layout and poor use of the available space. I was tempted to try a coffee to see if it had improved, but then why waste money on bad coffee?

Cappuccino and coffee and walnut slice from Krema.

Downside of good coffee shops opening in Farnham, I spend too much time in them.

Looked in Farnham Parish Church pianist and a quartet rehearsing for a concert in the evening.

In the gathering dusk, a wander over Bishop’s Meadow.  I am pleased to see they are using their newly installed notice boards to keep people informed.

Unlike last year, not ot too many idiots wandering around for Halloween.

Next week town centre closed in the evening for a torchlight procession for Bonfire Night, lighting of bonfire, followed by fireworks.

Why does Aldershot have a firework display tonight, when Bonfire Night is next Saturday? Good view from the station.


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