Cold day in Brighton

North Laine

North Laine

Relief at no rail works to Gatwick, short lived as rail works Gatwick to Brighton. Bus replacement from Three Bridges to Brighton. Journey from Gatwick to Brighton that would take 20 minutes, 30 minutes if slow train, now over an hour, hour and a half if by train.

Looked in Grocer and Grain. Hakan not there, not well. I asked wish him well.

Straight to North Laine, too late to walk down to the sea front and hungry.

Excellent lunch in Iydea. Sweetcorn fritters, peas and roast potatoes.

Looked in Magazine Brighton. Thanked them for directing me to Coffee at 33 on a previous visit. Also looked in and was lucky to pick up copies of Viva Brighton. Man suggested also take Viva Lewes. I said no, as only one copy left.

Looked in Coffee at 33. I would have liked to have had a coffee and a cake, but it was packed. Visit sea front first, then have a coffee at Small Batch on way to station.

A couple of albums from Resident. Speculative purchase, could be rubbish, hopefully not. Citizen of Glass by  Danish singer-songwriter Agnes Obel and ….

Given a smart back. Gift with one  of the albums.

Apples, bread, muesli, scones from Infinity Foods. Apples delicious. As too the scones.

Chatting to a homeless man outside. I said council has a statutory duty to house him. He said yes, but waiting list. He was at 25 from from the top, was at a 100, has taken him nine months to move up the list.

In Finland, Homes  First. People are housed.

I asked did he go to the food at lunchtime? He said no, he had a church to go to in the evening.

Infinity Food Cafe, chat with Greek guy. I suggested they opened another shop, served fruit juices in jam jars like nova gea in Plaka in Athens. Open as an open coop. Already have the fruit and vegetables in Infinity Foods.

Too cold to walk down to the sea front, but cannot visit Brighton and not visit the sea front.

Crab sandwich to eat on way home.

All summer, Guildford has had cows dotted around the town. Brighton has snow dogs.

Looked in Small Batch. Packed and no  cakes. Not a pleasant ambience, horrible corporate feel.. But I wished to try there coffee.
On my way to Coffee at 33,  Brighton sausage Shop. Did I want a sausage roll? No.

Interesting conversation on democracy.

Coffee at 33 closed.

Coffee at Pelicano. Then to the station.

Burger from what is claimed Gourmet Burgers, a stall outside the station. Vile and disgusting, anything but gourmet.

Bus to Three Bridges. Chaos at Three Bridges. Platform jam packed with people.

Chaos at Gatwick. Arrive to see the train I want running ten minutes late just leaving. Hour wait for next train


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