Afternoon in Guildford

Angel Inn

Angel Inn

Over half an hour late getting to Guildford, as the sick bastard guard on the fast train thought it a great joke to leave passengers stranded. Then further delay waiting to buy a ticket at Guildford as the guard on the slow train could not be bothered to walk through the train to collect fares.

But at least an excellent cappuccino by Chase at FCB coffee kiosk on Guildford Station.

Too late to eat. Ended up at Thai takeaway at top of High Street, but did not mind as their food is great.

On my way I popped in Thai restaurant in Jeffries Passage and had a chat with the owner. She owns both.

She now closes Friday afternoon. Too costly to remain open, employing five staff. They also closed a month in the summer. Sadly a sign of the times, everyone struggling.

I mentioned to her the pop up shops opening in shipping containers in Guildford. A good idea but entirely wrong location. Opposite where the disastrous farmers market was held when the High Street was closed.

Pomegranates very expensive on the market. Two for £2.  Even more expensive in Waitrose, £2-75 for two. Yesterday 75p each in Lidl.

pomegranates on market stall in Monastiraki

pomegranates on market stall in Monastiraki

To think a little over a week ago picking fresh from the trees.

I regret I dd not buy from a market stall in Athens a couple of days ago.



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