Stagecoach: Where do passengers leave their luggage?

Metro bin in luggage compartment

Metro bin in luggage compartment

Stagecoach has decided to place a metal bin in the luggage hold. Where now luggage or shopping or a buggies when it has to be stowed when a disabled person occupies the space?

The metal box is for holding copies of the Metro. Unable to sell the rag, it is given away free.

Where the luggage compartment is small, the size of roll-on hand luggage, where then the roll-on hand luggage? Similar for a buggy? If balance on top, have serious health and safety issues if falls off and injures a passenger.

On small buses a bag for the Metro. Passengers are using for rubbish.

Stagecoach receives public subsidy to convey passengers, not distribute a free newspaper.

Engineers were asked to load the Metro on the buses each morning. They refused. Bus drivers have now been told to load onto the bus, even though not part of their job description.

Once again we see the contempt Stagecoach has for staff and passengers.


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