Dinner at Strofi




Strofi has always been poor service, expensive, but at least the food good. Not last night, the food very poor.

Greeted at the door by a man who asked what I wanted? And how many people?

Taken to first floor.  Small rooms knocked into one large room. Last time one small room. Maybe different floor.  Not asked  if wished to go to rooftop.

Soup? No soup. What restaurant has no soup? Waiter claimed had run out of soup. No soup listed on menu.

Svoulaki, pork poor quality, tough. Potatoes almost cold, and were cold after a few minutes.  Vegetables likewise almost cold and only half cooked.  Plate cold. Portion size meager, if not minuscule.

Windows wide open. It got colder and colder.

View of The Acropolis through the open windows.

As always, poor service.

I left cold and hungry and 16  euros lighter of pocket.

I should have eaten in Plaka, where cheaper, better quality and decent portion size.


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