Action Aid

Action Aid

Action Aid

Action Aid had an event below The Acropolis. I have no idea why as it was in Greek and no one could  be bothered to speak to me. Why was material not available in English? At a guess demonstrating the obstacles immigrants have to overcome to get into Europe.  I may be wrong.

Horrified they were using balloons. An environmental hazard and they should know better.  Out gassing from the balloons was unpleasant and is toxic.

I thought Action Aid was British.  Surprised  to find in Athens

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One Response to “Action Aid”

  1. keithpp Says:

    My guess was complete;y wrong.

    On Sunday i inquired, again ignored.

    Apparently a variant of Snakes and Ladders to illustrate poverty.

    Yes. Action Aid a British aid organisation, but now has spread to many contries, including Greece since 1998. Campaigns on poverty.

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