Cappuccino at Coffee Lab

cappuccino and date slice

cappuccino and date slice

Excellent cappuccino and date slice at Coffee Lab. Poor choice of cakes, but what they do have is excellent.

Beans. Did they have any later than 8 September 2016? In Coffee Lab Academy they had 12 September. They checked. Found 1kg sacks of 12 September roast date. They kindly slit open a bag, and bagged for me two bags of 200 g.

I sat outside and was joined by a guy whose name I sadly cannot recall, owner of Kyoto Kitchen, a Japanese restaurant in Winchester.

matcha latte

matcha latte

He ordered a matcha latte. A strange green looking coffee. No, not coffee, a green tea.  He offered me a taste. I said no, I would order, but now past closing time. Something to try on my next visit.

I tried cascara Again not heard of. made with tonic water and the husk of a  coffee bean. Fruity, nothing like coffee, very refreshing.

Excellent baristas innovate, try out new ideas.

I am hoping they will stock South West Independent Coffee Guide. But they said there was soon to be published South East Independent Coffee Guide, and that they would hopefully stock.

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