Afternoon in Winchester

River Itchen

River Itchen

I would not have chosen one of the hottest days of the year to visit Winchester, sitting under the trees in my garden was the preferred option, but Wednesday is street food market, and it was not as hot as yesterday, the hottest day of the year.

Bus to Aldershot, train to Alton, bus to Winchester.

Bus to Aldershot unbearably hot.


steam train at Alton Station

At Alton a steam train.

Bus to Winchester bearable, as mot of the journey along dual carriageway, and flow of air through the bus kept it cool.  Bus almost empty.

Alighted before the bus station and walked down the hill into Winchester.

Falafel stall said only there Wednesday Excellent food, falafel in pitta bread, with hummus and salad.

The Cathedral has a restaurant, last time, no ice cream with blackcurrants. Again no ice cream with blackcurrants. Why display what have not got? At least today able to sit outside in the walled garden. But sadly spoiled by an ugly marquee. I daresay for corporate entertaining, anything to make a fast buck.

Then to Coffee lab, but first what was on my last visit, Alexander Tea Shop. It has been turned into Coffee Lab Academy. A pity they did not retain as was, and instead incorporated Coffee Lab Academy.

To Coffee Lab, sat outside with a cappuccino and a date slice. Both excellent.

I wanted beans. 8 September. Nothing later, as in Coffee Academy 12 September, but in 1 kg unmarked bags. They looked, and found they had 1 kg with 12 September roast date. They kindly opened, then bagged 200g. They sell 150g.

matcha latte

matcha latte

I was joined by a Bengali guy, who introduced himself as the owner of Kyoto Kitchen, a Japanese Restaurant. He had walked by, looked, and I said excellent coffee. He said so he had heard. He asked did they do a matcha latte. I had no idea, for the simple reason I had no idea what it was. What looked like a coffee, a strange shade of green was served.  Not something I had ever seen before. Not coffee, tea, green tea.He kindly offered me a taste. I declined, but said I would order, but it was past closing time.  Something to try on my next visit.

He showed me his site on social media. A girl had posted a message, would someone please take me on a date to this restaurant.

He mentioned he was writing a book, somewhat in the style of  Paulo Coelho. Turned out he was a fan, and had read most of his books.

Long gone closing, a man turned up, suggested a drink I had never heard of, cascara. I tried. It was excellent, very refreshing, fruity and cold.

I juts had time to walk along the back streets and catch the bus.

Again it was one of the new buses.

I then popped in to the Alton Station Cafe. I made the mistake of not having the moussaka and salad, it looked good, special for Bikers Night. I am sorry to see the original owners have gone, but the new owners appear to be doing a god job.

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