Guildford farmers market back in the High Street

Guildford farmers market back in High Street

Guildford farmers market back in High Street

After an absence of many months, with loss of most of the clientele and stalls dropping off month by month, Guildford farmers market is finally back in the High Street.

The High Street was busy, though not for want of publicity. More should have been done to publicise and to make the return to the High Street a special event.

From conversations I overheard, there may have been many people, maybe end of school holidays, but they were not there for the farmers market. People were genuinely surprised at finding it was there, were asking how often, when will you be back?

Stalls reported the same. A curious interest, people browsing, but not buying.  Though they of course did a far better trade than the car park which was always deserted.

Dylan’s ice cream did not seem to be doing its usual trade. Hardly surprising. The owner not there. A lad, more interested playing with his phone and listening on his headphones, than actually doing a day’s work and serving customers. Then he vanished, leaving the van with a closed sign.

The majority of stalls appear to have reappeared. Although I did not see the man with his pies. I thought the fish cake stall was not there, but then found them

Stalls said they pulled out of the car park, because they could not sustain the losses.

Excellent sweetcorn off Secrett’s Farm. As were the Marjoram plums.

From the apple stall, apples and apple juice.

Celtic Baker seeded wholemeal loaf and a couple of date slices.

Dosa to eat for my lunch from Ollo Foods.

Ollo Foods with their Indian food would be an ideal stall for Staycation Live.

There is still no tea or coffee stall on the farmers market. It is time this omission was addressed. For quality tea or coffee, choose from Vintage Pop Up Tea Room found in Gostrey Meadow in Farnham on a Saturday during the summer, Flat White on street food market in Winchester on a Wednesday, The HoBo Co or Jimmy Bean. For beans, Surrey Hills Coffee, who now have a coffee shop in Chapel Street, just off the High Street.
A very warm and humid day. Possible 25C. Why then stalls with meat sitting all day on the stall in the heat? Why is Environmental Heath turning a blind eye?

At 2-30, I found a guide at Tunsgate who was giving a free guided tour of Victorian buildings in Guildford. I expected a lot of people. There were two ladies, one from the States. I said I would join but had a couple of stalls to visit. I caught  up with them at Holy Trinity Church.

Inside Holy Trinity, half a dozen ceramic pieces on exhibit. I assume that is the art exhibition.

Holy Trinity has an apse. Maybe not true for Holy Trinity, but this feature, as did many features of English churches, come from El Camino de Santiago. The purpose was, as the altar would often have some relic, to aid circulation around the altar.

On the far wall, Holy Trinity used to have  a row of windows at ground level below the existing windows. Not that they would have let in much light as the below the ground level outside.

I always thought the mound behind the church was the existence of a chamber beneath. Apparently not. It was simply the spoil dumped there when work was done on the church.

Many of the buildings in Guildford designed by Henry Peake.

Alice Through the Looking Glass

Alice Through the Looking Glass

A detour in the Castle Grounds, designed by Henry Peake, to show the lady from the US, Alice Through the Looking Glass.

As we passed down Quarry Street, I draw attention to the Victorian porch on the church and the plans by Methodists, who appear to have hijacked  St Mary’s, to demolish  the Victorian porch and replace with a toilet block. Our guide was suitably horrified, the first he had heard of this.

refreshing green smothie in what used to be Glutton & Glee

refreshing green smoothie in what used to be Glutton & Glee

After our tour, a much needed smoothie in what used to be Glutton & Glee. As I walked in, not long gone 4-30, greeted by ‘We close at five’. Why oh why do they not stay open later in the summer? To close at five is far too early.

Peake's Pond in Castle Grounds

Peake’s Pond in Castle Grounds

Sat in the Castle Grounds reading Debt.

1900 train to Aldershot running 15 minutes late. Which then meant missed bus.

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