Mojo Independent Artisan Coffee House

Mojo Independent Artisan Coffee House

Mojo Independent Artisan Coffee House

On my way down to the seafront on Sunday, on a trip to Brighton, I passed by Mojo Independent Artisan Coffee House.

I did not wish for a coffee, having just been served an excellent coffee by Hakan, the Turkish owner of Grocer and Grain.  But always worth taking a look, for a future visit.

Interior pleasantly laid out, though poor location.

What were the beans? The girl did not know. She went down to the cellar and brought up a box of LavAzza coffee beans.


No indie artisan coffee shop would use LavAzza beans, no self-respecting barista would use LavAzza, not if they wish to be taken seriously.  This simply demonstrates they know little about coffee.  Ok in  a cafe, but not if claiming to be an independent artisan coffee shop.

I asked why LavAzza? Why LavAzza when there are are quality indie coffee roasters?

Only the owner knows, and the owner was not there.

Brighton is spoilt for choice for indie coffee shops.

Try Coffee at 33 or Pelicano Coffee and Tea House or even a coffee from Grocer and Grain, where if they do not roast there own coffee at least source from quality indie coffee roasters (and by doing so, are supporting local businesses).

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