Inappropriate comments on social media

letter from Iain McNicol

letter from Iain McNicol

You have made inappropriate comments on social media, including a post to social media on 16 July 2016. — Iain McNicol

Received in the post this morning a letter dated 1 September from Labour Party General Secretary Iain McNicol.

inappropriate comments on social media

No citation of what these comments may be, no link to the said comment of 16 July 2016, not even where it may be found.

Does the party have minions crawling through social media to find such comments? If yes, then an inappropriate use of Party funds.

Was wealthy donor Micheal Foster, a wealthy donor who thought he could buy a party,  who went to court to try and deny Jeremy Corbyn a place on the ballot paper, writing a load of garbage in the Mail on Sunday calling Jeremy Corbyn supporters Nazi storm troopers guilty of inappropriate comments?

Likewise, deputy leader Tom Watson labelling them Trotskyists?

Tom Watson and Iain McNicol signed off the challenge to the Appeal Court to disenfranchise 130,000 party members. They had no mandate from members or the leadership. Once again a misuse of party funds.

NEC has ordered local parties not to meet until after the Labour leadership elections. At least two local parties have been suspended. Brighton and Hove have had their democratically elected local officials suspended.

The local Labour Party in Aldershot has a discussion forum on Facebook. Participation is by invite only. The forum is subject to arbitrary censorship, comments deleted, at least one participant barred. No courtesy of an explanation for arbitrary action.

A panel of the Labour Party NEC has taken this decision to reject an application, but no name given of the committee, no names of its members. Who appointed them? How do we get rid of them? Appeal mechanism if any?

If an application to register as a supporter has been rejected, when will a refund of the £25 registration fee be made? If there is no intention to refund, then fraud has taken place.

Do we not have free speech, a right incorporated within the Human Rights Act? Do we not live in a democracy?

What we are seeing, is a self-serving elite within Labour trying to rig the leadership election, to try and prevent victory by Jeremy Corbyn.

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5 Responses to “Inappropriate comments on social media”

  1. Susan Prophet Says:

    Maybe it’s this : “Next time we criticise rigged elections in another country, they will simply point to the level of corruption in the Labour Party.

    Come the General Election, this will be used by other parties as to why Labour is unfit to be a party of government.

    Labour NEC has disenfranchised around 130,000 Party members.

    Labour has votes for sale.” ?

  2. keithpp Says:

    It could be, who knows. They do not say.

    The purging of supporters who are likely to vote for Jeremy Corbyn is indicative of the level of corruption within the Party why Jeremy Corbyn needs a massive mandate and why this must be followed by a massive clean out of the Party. Very minimum, de-selection of the coup plotters.

    Latest from the coup plotters is to push for election of themselves to Shadow Cabinet. They recognise they have lost the leadership election, now it is sabotage the leader.

  3. keithpp Says:

    If Labour members are being banned for supporting other parties, then Labour MPs should be banned for supporting Tory Party policies

  4. keithpp Says:

    People should be free to support whoever they wish.

  5. Susan Prophet Says:

    Looks like he won without your help, anyway, although the policies are thin on the ground, with no detail at all.

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