Coffee from Grocer and Grain

Grocer and Grain

Grocer and Grain

On a visit to Brighton, on my way down from Brighton Station to the seafront, I popped in Grocer and Grain.

An excellent little grocery shop, always a pleasure to visit but not from where one would expect to be served quality coffee.

Grocer and Grain is a little grocery shop on a corner, a couple of minute walk down from Brighton Station. It used to be a quite street, until for whatever dumb reason, the traffic was diverted through this street.

Always a delight to visit. Cakes, bread, grains, fruit and vegetables, plants and cut flowers, a range of different coffee beans. And they also serve coffee.

Delightful selection of cakes, coffee beans sourced from three different companies. Widest selection of Union Hand Roasted I have seen anywhere.

Grocer and Grain also serves coffee and yet Union refuse to supply 1 kg bags, which is very short-sighted of Union. They  sources from a fourth company, who roast the beans locally, for the coffee they serve.

I had a cappuccino, which was excellent.  A little grocery shop, is not where you expect to find excellent coffee, but then Grocer and Grain excel  at everything they do.

Later in the evening, finding open, I picked up one of their cakes. During the afternoon, I had visited Coffee at 33 and had an excellent cappuccino. I suggested source coffee beans from Coffee at 33 and sell their beans.

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