Coffee at 33

Coffee at 33

Coffee at 33

On a visit to Brighton, wandering through North Laine and the side streets, I came upon Magazine Brighton. I was confused with Brighton Viva. Magazine Brighton is a shop that sells magazines, not as I assumed, the name of a magazine. Magazines not seen elsewhere. It seemed to be a popular shop. They also had on sale coffee beans. But no mention of roast date or weight.

I was told go further up the street where I would find the coffee shop, Coffee at 33.

Coffee at 33. Selection of cakes. In the corner, a strange set-up, looked more suited to a laboratory. What was it? A coffee roaster. Hot air forced in through three tiny nozzles, creates  a vortex, which roasts the beans. When roasted, the  beans drop out, and are rapidly cooled. No little inspection hatch, but I was told not necessary, as can see the beans. Handles 2 kg.  How did it compare with a  drum roaster, with same roast profile? Subtle differences in the taste.



Excellent cappuccino and excellent pecan slice. Best coffee in Brighton.

Very helpful, knowledgeable and friendly barista.

Coffee at 33

Coffee at 33

Beans on sale, 250 grams or 500 grams.

I suggested supply Grocer and Grain, if they had the ability, as they always source locally wherever possible, with the emphasis on quality. .

Coffee at 33 is one of the best coffee shops in Brighton.

  • PHOTOS Coffee at 33 (photos to be added)

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