Afternoon in Farnham

Coolish day, rain threatened, at four o’clock in came the heavy rain.

As always a walk along the River Wey and up through Gostrey Meadow.  No Vintage Tea Van. last week, Natalie said, last time this season.

I stuck my head in Krema and told them of my visit to Bond Street Coffee shop.

Krema use beans from Horsham Coffee Roasters, Bond St  Coffee shop in North Laine in Brighton is their coffee shop. I wished to see what their coffee was like. To say the least I was disappointed. Krema do a better job. But I suspect the beans may have been different.

Looked in Gail’s. Nearly everything gone, even less than my visit a couple of weeks ago. As previous visits, outside tables not cleared, pilled up with dirty dishes.  Last two weeks has been almost empty. Today, packed, queuing out the door.

As I walked to Gail’s and on my way back to Downing Street, it was fine drizzle. As I reached Downing Street, the heavens opened. I just made Barista Lounge before I was soaked.

Excellent soup. Wild mushroom with spinach and rice. Nice presentation too.

I am not sure why, the cook came and had a chat with me. Asked me what I thought. I told her it was excellent. I am not sure she believed me.

I cannot say that of the coffee. It was not good. Not bad, but could be better.  They need to source better coffee beans. It was also too hot.

Barista Lounge closes at five. I am surprised for summer not six, though Farnham is quiet after four. I was there to almost six. I would have got soaked if I had left earlier.

I had a chat with the Indonesian guy who runs Caracoli. Very knowledgeable of coffee. I mentioned Coffee Lab in Winchester. Small world. To my surprise, the guy behind Coffee Lab (national barista champion for several years, international runner up) who I have not met, is his brother. I said I was surprised he had not joined his brother. He said he was asked, but is emigrating to Australia to join a coffee roastery. Luckily he mentioned, as he is leaving in a couple of weeks.

When I was in Coffee Lab a couple of days ago, after they had closed a couple of Australians walked in. Complained of poor coffee in England. I offered to list for them good coffee shops, but they were not interested, flying back to Australia next day. They said they had heard of Coffee Lab in Australia.  A likely story, as only been open a few months. Having been served their coffee, the guy dumped a large amount of sugar in his coffee.

Quick visit to Waitrose.

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