Afternoon in Guildford

Second day of September, autumnal weather, cloudy and cool.

What is going wrong with Debenhams, apart from owned by tax dodger Philip Greed? Every week I have looked in their restaurant, roast turkey. What has happened to roast pork?

gazpacho en La Casita

gazpacho en La Casita

Excellent lunch at La Casita. Gazpacho followed by chicken covered with a mushroom sauce, laid on a bed of roast potatoes.

I would have had a coffee at Harris + Hoole, but upstairs closed and only 3-30. Something going wrong. Downstairs not busy, but always noisy, not a pleasant environment.

Surrey Hills Coffee packed, unusual, as usually empty or near empty.

I walked to the station to get a train at 1600 and a cappuccino off FCB coffee kiosk. When I walk by at lunchtime, always a good range of cakes and cookies, but not this time of day.

Temperature dropping all afternoon.

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