Purge of Labour Party supporters who joined to support Jeremy Corbyn

Jeremy Corbyn on Labour Party purge

Jeremy Corbyn on Labour Party purge

John McDonnell on Labour rigged election

John McDonnell on Labour rigged election

If you registered as a Labour Party supporter, you were forced to pay £25.

Although not happy, many thought it worthwhile, if it meant they could ensure Jeremy Corbyn had a massive mandate, an opportunity to clean up the Labour Party which is corrupt and rotten to the core, and a once in a generation opportunity to effect real political change.

The Blairites though thought otherwise.  They would rather destroy the Party than see it turned into a mass social movement effecting real change in society.

130,000 Labour Party members were disnfranchised.

Those who registered as supporters, were asked why they wished to register, for their facebook and twitter accounts, for their phone number and address.

Why was the Labour Party acquiring all this information, what were they using it for? All they required was address or e-mail address to send out a ballot form.

Those who filled out the box, with support Jeremy Corbyn, were immediately rejected.

For others, £25 was taken, then a trawl through social media to see if they were likely to vote for Jeremy Corbyn, if they were, then find a pathetic excuse to reject (but in what is tantamount to fraud still keep their £25 registration fee).

Here is an extract from a letter sent out today barring one supporter from voting, and the response.

The attached letter is meaningless.

You have made inappropriate comments on social media, including a post on social media on 16th Jul 2016.

What ‘inappropriate comments on social media’?

In what way, inappropriate, who decides?

A panel of NEC.  Who appointed them, what mandate do they have? They appear to have no mandate from either the members or the leadership.

No mention of what the comment was, where, or in what way inappropriate.

No mention of any appeal mechanism.

Do you waste your time trawling through social media to find pathetic excuses to bar supporters from voting? Especially if it is thought they may vote for Jeremy Corbyn?

If yes, then this is an entirely inappropriate use of Labour Party resources.

As was using Labour Party resources to go to the Appeal Court to ensure 130,000 Labour Party members were disenfranchised.

This stinks.

This is like North Korea or Stalinist Russia.

In case you have not noticed, we still have free speech in this country.

You seem quite happy to take £25. I will expect a full refund. If not, then I consider this to be fraud.

A massive own goal for the Labour Party, a party corrupt and rotten to the core.

The person who sent the e-mail, lacks even the common courtesy to put a name to their e-mail.

I hope Jeremy Corbyn has a massive majority, despite crude attempts to rig the election,  with a mandate to clean out Labour Party HQ.

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