Afternoon in Farnham

River Wey riverside walk

River Wey riverside walk

Another hot day.

Passing through Aldershot, a brass band in the bandstand in Princess Gardens, Basingstoke Silver Band. An elderly gent and a couple of others. I felt sorry for the brass band. Does no one understand publicity?

In the entrance to Gostrey Meadow in Farnham, there is always a chalk board announcing who is playing in the bandstand on Sunday.

Walking along the riverside walk to Gostrey Meadow, a dog decided I was a willing playmate to throw its ball into the river.

watercress and pea soup at Gail's

watercress and pea soup at Gail’s

tiny roll with smoked salmon

tiny roll with smoked salmon

Soup and a tiny roll with with smoked salmon at Gail’s.

Soup watercress with peas. Only lukewarm, and stuffed with peas, spoilt the soup. Watercress is a delicate summer soup, by all means add to bring out the flavours, but not turn it into broth.

Did I wish a coffee? No, not after what I had last week.

Gail’s has only been open a couple of weeks. New staff and it shows.

Tables outside not cleared.

If you are going to serve coffee, then have to have experienced baristas from day one, otherwise simply a cafe attached to a bread shop serving mediocre coffee, I would hesitate to call a bakery.

Last week, no wholemeal bread. This week a couple of small loaves, but I had got bread the day before in Guildford.

But reservations aside, I cannot see either Loaf or the Downing Street Deli surviving, now Gail’s has opened. .

Popped Truck and Vintage Pop up Vintage Tea Van

Popped Truck and Vintage Pop up Vintage Tea Van in Gostrey Meadow

I would have returned to Krema for a  coffee, but Natalie had told me it was her last day of the season in Gostrey Meadow, therefore a coffee off The Vintage Pop up Tea Shop. I chose an iced coffee. Big mistake. It was a sweet sickly coffee flavoured yuk. I poured it under the hedge. The flapjack though was excellent.

Hopefully she will get a  stall on Guildford farmers market, first Tuesday of the month, now it is back in the High Street.

I suggested to Popped Truck, the little van serving wine, Staycation Live. She has tried in the past, got nowhere. Something going wrong with Staycation Live and the stalls they book, as can be seen with the comments that have made on the excellent Sole Luna wood-fired pizza truck at Staycation Live. Why the paranoia and secrecy? Godalming Town Council need to start asking questions about the organisation by TST Live, why the lack of transparency? This little stall would be far better than the cocktail stall the organisers book.

A must for this little stall, they need a twitter account, to alert people to where they are.

I was pleased to see plenty of people around these two quality vans, no one by the Tony Tresco ice cream van with engine running belching out toxic diesel fumes.

To Krema, no coffee, a green smoothie. I think apple juice, avocado and lime.

Lady closng the Parish Church told me their garden fete is in two week’s time.

A very pleasant walk around Bishop’s Meadow and into the neighbouring field.

Just time to pop into Waitrose. Their stock control abysmal, no salad onions, no peas, no fresh bread, no one manning the deli counter, and even if their was, the meat looked so dried up, no thank you.

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