Sadiq Khan does a Michael Gove impression

Did Sadiq Khan read the Micheal Gove guide How to do Politics, subtitled How to stab a colleague in the back, as that is what Sadiq Khan has just done, granted a platform to do so by those bastions of The Establishment, The Guardian and the BBC.

Sadiq Khan is telling member of the Labour Party to vote for Owen Smith.

Does Sadiq Khan seriously think that will influence a single Labour member to vote for Owen Smith?

If he does, then he is a bloody fool.

But what it does mean, is that Sadiq Khan has lost the support of members of the Labour Party. His treachery will not be forgotten.

When his name was mentioned at a Jeremy Corbyn rally tonight, it was booed.

Owen Smith is a PR drone, he says what he thinks will get him elected. He is as shallow as war criminal Tony Blair.

Pfizer has just been exposed for overcharging MSF for medicines. MSF works in war zones. Owen Smith used to be a lobbyist for Pfizer.

Why does Sadiq Khan think he was elected as London Mayor?

Two reasons

  • Jeremy Corbyn and his supporters backed him
  •  Zac Goldsmith foolishly employed a vile Aussie spin doctor to run his campaign

I have never liked Sadiq Khan or trusted him. It seems my gut reactions were correct.

Sadiq Khan is a puppet of the City of London. There to do the bidding of the greedy bankers. One of his first acts was to give the green light for the expansion of London City Airport. He has pushed for a second runway at Gatwick. Has reneged on his promise to cap rents.

According to Sadiq Khan, it was all the fault of Jeremy Corbyn that we voted to leave the EU.  This is to insult the intelligence of the people, who voted to leave because they did not wished to be ruled by the EU dictatorship. Nor do they like Sadiq Khan telling then what to do. He also misses the point, the whole point of a referendum is for the people to decide, not self-serving politicians like himself. He wanted us to side with his puppet masters the greedy bankers. And note how he is singing from the same hymn sheet as his fellow coup plotters.

Everyone is entitled to a point of view, even Sadiq Khan, but as Labour Mayor of London, he is expected to respect the wishes of the members,and those members chose Jeremy Corbyn as their leader. They did not choose their leader according to what best served the ambitions of Sadiq Khan, though Sadiq Khan was only too happy to have the support of Jeremy Corbyn to get himself elected as Mayor of London.

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One Response to “Sadiq Khan does a Michael Gove impression”

  1. keithpp Says:

    Let us imagine the impossible, Oily Smith elected as leader and Labour wins next election.

    The chances of either happening is vanishing small.

    Labour Establishment has still not got its head around why they lost the last election.

    – imbecile as leader
    – not radical enough, offering Tory Lite

    But if the impossible did happen, nothing would change. It would be businesses as usual, one elite takes the place of another elite.

    Oily Smith is merely a stooge, someone to get rid of Jeremy Corbyn. He would then have been replaced. Coup plotters are discussing bringing back David Miliband.

    And if Oily Smith does not win, the coup plotters will simply carry on their war of attrition, make the job of the leader impossible, make Labour unelectable, then blame Corbyn.

    Which is why the coup plotters must be de-selected, why we must have the Right of Recall, and why there must be a Vote of No Confidence in every single one of them.

    If they remain in Parliament as Independents, or join another party, at least we know where we stand.

    Jeremy Corbyn must think the unthinkable, he must invite from other parties to serve in his Shadow Cabinet. For example invite Caroline Lucas (Green) to take up an environment portfolio, Mahrei Black (SNP) work and pensions. This is not the same as doing a tawdry deal with other parties.

    There must also be an intelligent response at next election. Do not put a candidate against Caroline Lucas, forget Scotland.

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