Afternoon in Farnham

Heavy rain during the night, early afternoon warm and sunny, by evening back to rain.

As I walked through Gostrey Meadow, some sort of fun fair. No publicity. I only learnt what it was from one of the stalls, a VE/VJ Celebration.

I have learnt I am not the only customer to have an unpleasant experience from the woman running the Deli. If behave like this and with competition from Gail’s Artisan Bakery that has recently opened in Castle Street, it is difficult to see them surviving. The best thing that could happen, would be someone takes over the business and does a better job.

Gail's Artisan Bakery

Gail’s Artisan Bakery

I learnt of Gail’s Artisan Bakery, a new baker in Castle Street.  I decided to take a look.

Very little bread left, not much choice, but the staff said they were busy earlier.

A selection of cakes, cookies, rolls and sandwiches,

Very expensive for example a sandwich, £5 takeaway, £6 eat in.

I stayed and had a soup, and a small roll. I ate outside, cheaper,

Soup was tomato and red pepper. Choice of small or large. I chose small, which was of generous portion size. It was excellent, as was the tiny roll with smoked salmon.

I was then going to return to Downing Street and have a coffee in  Krema.

I stayed and had a coffee. A mistake, it was not good.

It was then on to Waitrose.

I walked up Castle Street and along an alley to Waitrose.

I was shocked at the number of chain eateries in Castle Street and more yet to open.

Gail’s where I had been, claims to be a neighbourhood bakery. Not really, it’s a chain of over 30 outlets, a bakery cum coffee shop cum cafe.

I cannot see Loaf in Downing Street surviving, nor the Downing Street Deli with competition from Gail’s.

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