Afternoon in Guildford

how not to a narrow boat on the River Wey

how not to a narrow boat on the River Wey

All week, hot and sunny. A change today. Cooler, raining, though not heavy, still pleasantly warm.

Chat with chase at FCB coffee kiosk. Excellent cappuccino. He has improved.

When hiring a narrow boar for the day, you are not in a race, the idea is to leisurely sail down the driver, not turn the engine on full throttle, create a racket and cause a bow wave that damages the river banks.

Too late for dinner at Debenhams, but would not have had, as once again turkey.

Excellent lunch at La Casita. My only criticism, too salty.

Surrey Hills Coffee empty as I passed by, but were a few people in, when I passed by again.

I suggested they apply to the council for a stall on the farmers market. It will be interesting to see how they get on.

It looks like the work to the High Street is finally finished. But a tragedy to allow traffic back through, as it is going to destroy the surface.

Excellent smoothie from what was Glutton & Glee. But no sooner did I try to sit down, told we are closed. It has gone rapidly downhill since the original owner sold, name change and now owned by a catering company.

In the summer why close at five when thee are loads of people about? Last time I was there, they were turning away a steady stream of people, and even today, people were being turned away.

Looked in on Ben, bought On an Island by David Gilmour. I have bought before, but I think I gave my copy away.

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