Labour Party corrupt and rotten to the core

Labour’s owning class are liberally sprinkled with millionaires and millionaire backers. These are the people and the money who successfully took over the Labour Party under Tony Blair and re-moulded it into New Labour, a party of neoliberal apologists, spin doctors and careerist media-friendly robots.  — Sodium haze

What political party would go to the Appeal Court to use its own members money to disenfranchise its own members?

The Conservatives welcome new members at wine and cheese parties.

The Labour Party disenfranchises its members, 130,000 at a stroke.

The High Court reinstated.

It then went to Appeal. Who signed off that appeal? Step forward Deputy Leader Tom Watson and General Secretary Iain McNicol. They had no mandate to take this decision, no mandate from the leadership, no mandate from the members.

When members signed up, they had read the Party website which clearly stated they could vote in any Labour leadership election. But even without that explicit statement, it would have been implicit, unless there was small print to the contrary.

The High Court judge agreed. He said there had been a breach of contract.

The Appeal Court judges in what is seen as a perverse judgement, disagreed.

If we follow their perverse reasoning, then any contract has no validity, as it can be arbitrarily changed.

We have an example of this, Three mobile phone network claiming ‘all you can eat data’ does not mean unlimited data.

What of unfair terms and conditions?

We also have in the Appeal Court ruling an affront to democracy, 130,000 members on the whim of a clique, lose their right to vote.

Why am I not surprised to learn that one of the Appeal Court judges that overturned the initial ruling in favour of the membership is a Blair crony, had  previously worked for Tony Blair’s government and defended it in court against calls for an inquiry into the Iraq War,  pocketing £500,000 a year for his trouble.

Immediately after Labour’s victory in the 1997 general election, Judge Sales was recruited by Tony Blair.  Sales used to be a practising barrister at law chambers 11KBW, of which Tony Blair was a founder member. At the time of the appointment, there was uproar over Sales’ appointment and plunged Blair into a cronyism row.

Should this judge not have ruled himself out of dealing with this case when there was such a clear conflict of interest?

But that is how the corrupt Establishment works in this country, each looks after its own.

When it happens in another country it is called corruption.

Jeremy Corbyn ad John McDonnell have condemed the ruling. Owen Smith silent, once again showing the contempt he has for democarcy and the members.

Labour has an owning class and its members. One thinks it has a God given right to rule, to promote an austerity neo-liberal agenda, the only role of the members to cough up money and get out the vote on election day to keep the owning class in power.

Jeremy Corbyn has had the audacty to challenge the owning class, not only challenge but rabble rouse and stir up the peasants.

A regular complaint of the coup plotters is the loww standing of Labour in the opinion polls, all the fault of Jeremy Corbyn we are told, unelectable we are told, responsible for Labour being split from top to bottom we are told, with only Owen Smith capable of reuniting the Party we are told. Told from a soapbox provided by the mainstream media. This  is epitomised by Tom Watson who now briefs the corporate media against the membership on a regular basis. Not quite what a Deputy Leader of the party should be doing but all part and parcel of attempts to make Labour unelectable whilst Jeremy Corbyn is leader.

The only split is between the Establishment and the Members.

The litigants who took the Labour Party to court in order to win their democratic right to vote, are now being forced to pay an extra £30,000 in legal costs to the Labour Party within 28 days, after General Secretary Iain McNicol pushed for the 5 members to pay costs – that’s £5000 each. As I’m sure anyone would agree, £5000 is a lot of money. Please donate as much as you can to help cover the legal costs!

Note: Money has been raised to cover their costs.

The five members have decided to drop their legal challenge.

The only reason it was dropped, was because they could not afford to take it to the Supreme Court, not because a challenge lacked merit

It was not ok to disenfranchise 130,000 members.

It was not ok for Labour NEC to sneak it through a meeting when members had left, when it was not even on the Agenda.

It was not OK for Tom Watson to take this to the Appeal Court. To use members money to disenfranchise members.

It was not OK for Tom Watson to demand blood, to force the litigants to pay costs.

What mandate did Watson have?

No mandate from members. No mandate from leadership.

Why did Labour need to have this leadership election?

A leader with massive support, but a tiny self-serving elite determined to destroy the Labour Party.

Does anyone seriously think members are going to come together with the coup plotters? Every single one of the coup plotters should be de-selected.

Watson should resign as deputy leader. He is unfit to hold the post. The general Secretary should be fired.

We have Unelectable Owen talking about Jeremy Corbyn splitting the party. The only ones to split the party are Owen Smith and the coup plotters.

We have Owen Smith accuse Jeremy Corbyn of sound bites and vacuous statements. I think he must have been talking about himself.

I was at a meeting with John McDonnell several months ago, where he sketched out a very intelligent economic policy, more than I ever heard from Gordon Brown and certainly not from Alistair Darling or Ed Balls

We need Jeremy Corbyn to win with massive majority in order that with the backing of the members and the public, he can clean up a party that is corrupt and rotten to the core.

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One Response to “Labour Party corrupt and rotten to the core”

  1. George Says:

    Labour have been asked by South Lanarkshire Council to approve an education decision which breaches the Councillors Code of conduct yet they refuse to proper investigate, this party “of the people” are nothing but a bunch of corrupt bullies that like to bully 9 year old autistic children.

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