Afternoon in Farnham

riverside walk by River Wey

riverside walk by River Wey

Morning was dull, thick clouds, but luckily clouds broke up, a pleasant warm, sunny afternoon in Farnham.

Stopped off at Princess Gardens in Aldershot. Charity event by Step by Step. Not many people there. But lack of publicity, what to expect.

A farm had a stall. I suggested Guildford farmers market, especially as many of the stalls have pulled out. Their sausage at £2 was quite good.

Walked along River Wey and up through Gostrey Meadow.

I had a chat with the lovely Natalie who runs the Vintage Tea Van. I suggested she tries for a pitch at Staycation Live, contact Godalming Town Hall. Also Guildford farmers market, contact Guildford. To let me know how she gets on.

Cappuccino and flapjack at Krema.

Barista Lounge has re-opened. Owner has simplified what they are doing, and will now be making the coffee. Good moves.

Being chased into Robert Dyas and shouted at that do not like comments on their undrinkable coffee by the woman who owns the Downing Street Deli does little to enhance their reputation.

If you serve undrinkable coffee, then deal with the problem, lack of skill, poor quality beans, ancient espresso machine, but do not blame the customer. Serving coffee scalding hot is such a basic mistake that no barista worthy of the name would make. If you cannot get your head around that something is very very wrong, then things will never improve.

A skilled barista takes a pride in their work, always striving to improve, takes on board valid criticisms and tries to address them. Also engages with the customer.

There is excellent coffee available in Downing Street, but not in the Deli. Try Krema or Barista Lounge. Both are run by people who know about coffee, both serve excellent coffee. The deli side though of Downing Street Deli is excellent, simply not the place for a decent coffee.

A walk around Bishop’s Meadow and into the field beyond. Ugly boards have been erected.

In the field beyond a mare and her foal. They came galloping over. The foal inquisitive, would come near but very skittish. Mother was quite relaxed once I had been checked out.

Decent service in Waitrose.


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