Tom Watson loses the plot

Tom Watson once again demonstrates he is an ignorant oaf with a big fat gob and nothing between his ears.

Reds Under The Beds, Labour Party Invaded by Trots.

Are you now, or have you ever been, an arm-twisting Trot?

All Tom Watson is doing is demonstrating that he is an ignorant oaf, with contempt for the members.

He is nevertheless doing an excellent job putting himself forward as a candidate for de-selection.

The more the smears, the greater the support for Jeremy Corbyn.

Yes, there is a small dedicated group trying to seize control of the Labour Party, Labour MPs and officials in Labour head office.

The one thing Tom Watson is demonstrating, is the need for a massive clear out in the Labour Party.

It is basically a last gasp of the dinosaurs who for far too long have had a stranglehold on Labour.

Apart from the smears from Watson, and this is not the only one, he is also a member of the small clique that decided to disfranchise 130,000 members, has approved challenge to High Court ruling.

He has also called for members to be denied a vote for leader.

The irony is that Tom Watson is trying to implement the worst type of Stalinist policies, of top down management. He fails to comprehend the party does not belong to him or a small clique of MPs, it belongs to the members.

Oh what a lovely defender of democracy.

Free speech is also under threat.  Local Labour parties are censoring what is posted in discussion forums critical of opponents of Jeremy Corbyn, a poet has been suspended from the Labour Party for er writing poetry.

Next time some dictator somewhere rigs an election, they will imply point at the Labour Party.

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