Sole Luna wood-fired pizzas at Staycation Live

Sole Luna wood-fired pizzas at Staycation Live

Sole Luna wood-fired pizzas at Staycation Live

Pizza off the pizza truck Sole Luna at Staycation Live in Godalming.

I designed my own.

Excellent pizza cooked in a wood-fired  oven. On a par with Home Slice in Covent Garden.

Expensive, but that is due to high pitch fee of £600 for the weekend, which then gets passed on as high priced pizza. Which in turn leads to lack of custom, and they do not come again.

Far better model. Charge a reasonable pitch fee, charge no more than a fiver for the pizza. Once pitch fee covered, 10% of additional sales is donated to Staycation Live.

Hopefully Sole Luna will be back next year, but that is going to depend upon intelligent pitch pricing.

I recommended Sole Luna try the street food market every Wednesday in Winchester (they would be the best stall there) and Godalming Food Festival (an annual event first Saturday in July).

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7 Responses to “Sole Luna wood-fired pizzas at Staycation Live”

  1. Tom Says:

    Keith, As the guy who books the concessions for Staycation Live I feel authorised to tell you to get your facts straight before commenting. Pitch fees aren’t £600.. in fact more like half that! If you would like to email me I will happily set you straight on pitch pricing policies and our desire to maintain consistency of concessions.

  2. keithpp Says:

    Agreed, check facts, always do.

    Figure I cited was what the guy running the stall said.

    Given a choice between what you say he was charged (well actually you do not say) and what the stallholders says he was charged, in the absence of documentary evidence, I will take the figure given by stallholder as correct.

    But whatever the fee was, it was clearly too high, as the stallholder made a loss, and is not interested in returning.

    Sole Luna wood-fired pizzas was a quality stall, the type of stall we should encourage.

    But what you highlight is the need for transparency.

    Staycation Live is a community event, dependent upon community support.

    There should be published:

    – fees paid by stallholders
    – expenses paid to bands
    – any other expenses
    – donations made

    As the guy responsible for concessions, could do better.


    – Dylan ice cream
    – Milford meat roasters
    Sole Luna wood-fired pizzas
    The Little Beer Corporation


    – stall selling beer from chemical plants
    – cafe2U
    – cocktail stall

    The emphasis should be on quality, local, independent, small family businesses.


    – Thai restaurant in Jeffries Passge in Guildford
    – Cafe Mila doing a juice bar
    – quality tea or coffee stall (maybe two)
    Ollo Foods doing Indian food

    For quality tea or coffee, choose from Vintage Pop Up Tea Room found in Gostrey Meadow in Farnham on a Saturday during the summer, Flat White on street food market in Winchester on a Wednesday, The HoBo Co or Jimmy Bean.

  3. keithpp Says:

    Rather than e-mail me and have a private conversation, may I suggest in the interests of transparency, you post your concessions policy here, then it is open for discussion.

  4. Tom Says:

    Well the stall holder is incorrect. I can provide proof as to what he paid but I do not wish to disclose this publicly thank you very much.

    As a new comer he was actually charged less than other concessions who all made money and are happy to return.

    Have you taken into account his expenses? Do you think he would have stayed for 2nd day if he made a loss??

    We do not come to your place of business and ask what you invoice clients or indeed what you pay your staff. TST Live who run the event is a company and as such takes the privacy of its trading practices seriously.

    – The Little Beer Corporation
    – stall selling beer from chemical plants
    Are both run by the same Little Beer Company FYI.

    Just because you don’t enjoy cocktails why should others go without?

  5. keithpp Says:

    One has to wonder what you have to hide with your appalling ignorant response.

    Staycation Live is a community event, dependent entirely upon community support. A community for which you appear to have nothing but arrogant contempt.

    It is not a a private function.

    Therefore the community is entitled to transparency.

    And a part of that transparency, should be what TST Live are charging the local Town Hall for running the event on behalf of the local community.

    No one is interested in your internal businesses affairs, let alone cares. You could go bankrupt tomorrow, and no one would give a damn.

    But is to once again miss the point.

    Most people will find it very strange your reluctance to state what the pitch fees are for a local community event.

    I am well aware that that The Little Beer Corporation was running two stalls, and did an excellent job. And that was not what I was referring to. But it seems you are unaware of what was at a festival you claim responsibility for. Incapable of even getting their name correct.

    I do not know why the excellent pizza van was there two days. Maybe they had booked a pitch for two days. Maybe they took a decision the next day would be better, as more people. Maybe they were there two days, as were most stall holders, because it was a two-day festival.

    And yes, I am well aware expenses are more than their pitch fees.

    But thank you for highlighting that more question need to be asked of the competency of TST Live to run this event.

  6. Sam Says:

    Hi Keith,

    I’m another one of the three organisers of Staycation Live. Three people that put a lot of time into making the festival a success each year for little recompense. We don’t charge the Council to put on the event. We put on the event with the aim of giving the town a good time, raising some money for a charity and breaking even. We’ve always been very clear about that.

    You’ll be able to see the accounts around the event when they’re published, but suffice to say the pitch fee you’ve mentioned is closer to half the amount you’ve stated. We’d rather not talk actual figures on your blog as different traders pay different amounts and we’d rather respect agreements made privately.

    If you’d like to discuss this further feel free to email me on I’d appreciate it in the meantime if you’d amend your comments about pitch fees which are just not true.

    Enjoy the rest of your bank holiday weekend. I look forward to reading about your exploits.

  7. keithpp Says:

    Thank you for clarifying the situation.

    I can see there may be reasons for conducting deals under the table, but not wise, as it simply leads people to think there is something to hide, something untoward going on.

    I have discussed this, and that is the reaction I have got. Furthermore, that is a community event, dependent upon community support, there should be full transparency.

    On the food side, the focus should be on quality and local, supporting local independent businesses, helping to support the local economy.

    Sole luna are not local but are quality and an independent business. It would be a big loss if they did not come again.

    Therefore worthy of further investigation why they made a loss. What pitch fee would entice them to return? The price of a pizza was too high. A fiver, six pounds maximum, would be reasonable. They would then sell more pizza.

    The van selling cocktails was a tacky operation. Could do far better. It was offensive they had moronic music blasting out, imposing their bad taste on their surroundings. They were either drowning out the main stage, or one ear their dross the other ear the main stage, which was irritating. I was surprised no one dealt with this.

    Invite Popped Truck, a quality operation serving wine. To be found in Gostrey Meadow in Farnham on a Saturday, although maybe not now as end of season.

    Cafe2U are a franchise operation, serving very poor quality coffee and yet expensive. £3 for an undrinkable cappuccino which I poured away. Again possible to do far better.

    Invite Vintage Pop Up Tea Room found in Gostrey Meadow in Farnham on a Saturday during the summer (not now as season has ended). Flat White on street food market in Winchester on a Wednesday, The HoBo Co or Jimmy Bean.

    Vintage Pop Up Tea Room did Weyfest, therefore have experience of festivals.

    Invite two tea or coffee vans, but please not cafe2U.

    Ollo Foods do quality Indian food. They are based in Godalming. They can be found on Guildford farmers market, first Tuesday of the month, now back in Guildford High Street. Experience of street food festivals. You would have to travel to India to find a more excellent dosa.

    Thai restaurant in Jeffries Passage in Guildford, as well as running two restaurants and a takeaway, have done street food festivals in Guildford and Woking.

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