Staycation Live 2016

Staycation Live 2016 Sunday

Staycation Live 2016 Sunday

A hot sunny day, little fluffy white clouds.

Train to Guildford, then almost an hour wait for train to Godalming. Sunday service.

Excellent cappuccino off FCB coffee kiosk.

The Peas

The Peas

As I arrived,  The Peas, a two piece set were playing. They were good.

Next on a rock group, Spotlight Cannibal. What I heard, not good, and I wandered off in search of food.

Pizza off the pizza truck Sole Luna. I designed my own. Excellent pizza cooked in a wood-fired  oven. On a par with Home Slice in Covent Garden.

Expensive, but that is due to high pitch fee of £600 for the weekend, which then gets passed on as high priced pizza. Which in turn leads to lack of custom, and they do not come again.

Far better model. Charge a reasonable pitch fee, charge no more than a fiver for the pizza. Once pitch fee covered, 10% of additional sales is donated to Staycation Live.

A cappuccino off the coffee truck Cafe2U. Not good, and I poured it in the flower bed. Hopefully no long term damage done. It was too hot, but that was not the problem. At a guess, poor quality coffee beans.

Sadly yet another example of franchise scam. The guys running the van were keen. Dump the franchise, go and work somewhere like Harris + Hoole or an indy coffee shops, ie not the chains, learn all you can about coffee working alongside a skilled barista, then set up your own operation, be it coffee shop or coffee truck, but do not fall for the franchise scam.

The Free Radicals

The Free Radicals

I heard from outside the cloisters, what sounded like Irish music. I found The Free Radicals who  were excellent. Towards the end the music was Middle Eastern. A pity they have not recorded anything, or if they had, not available. If they do or have, then please release on bandcamp.



Soundation, an excellent reggae band played last year, and were back by popular acclaim. Neil will be familiar to many playing in Guildford High Street and of late in North Street near Harris + Hoole. They had an album for sale, but cleared off. I caught up with Neil as he was carting away his gear. I said I would pick up a copy off him when I see him next in Guildford.

Frank the Cat signing Under the Covers

Frank the Cat signing Under the Covers

Frank the Cat were amazing. Funk, R&B from 1960s and onward. Think Earth, Wind and Fire and you get the idea: lead singer, backing vocals, brass and rhythm section, percussion. I picked up a couple of copies of their album Under the Covers.

With the exception of the reggae band Jeramiah Ferrari Sunday was far better musically than Saturday. What a difference it makes, good musicians with good materiel.  I used to come away with a pile of CDs, not anymore, albeit I would have had more, if anything recorded.

Coordination between the two stages, cloisters and bandstand none existent. Easy enough to resolve.

Pin a play list up at the side of the stage.

The bands need to do a better job of making their merchandise available, have a little table at the front, sign and chat. If on bandcamp, direct people there, make it better known. After all, it was established as a meeting place for fans and artists, and both get a good deal.

A pitch fee of £600 for the weekend is too high. It forces up prices, custom drops off. have a lower pitch fee, lower prices, and when pitch fee recovered a levy of 10% donated to Staycation.

The food and drink, emphasis on local, independent and quality.

Where lies the balance?

The pizza van not local, on the other hand very high quality.

The cocktail van rubbish, and did they really have to have their moronic music blasting out. We are there to hear the bands on the stage, not their poor taste in music.

The Little Beer Corporation did an excellent job. All the more so as not something they have done before.

But please, not a stall selling drink from an industrial complex.

The coffee truck, there is far better locally. Invite  the  Vintage Pop Up Tea Room found in Gostrey Meadow in Farnham on a Saturday during the summer.  Or The HoBo Co or Jimmy Bean.

Dylan ice cream an excellent choice. Quality and local.

I do not know the criteria for picking the music, but last couple of years standards have slipped.

There needs to be hashtags for twitter. Suggest

Shame on the organisers, starting a rumour that Roger Taylor, drummer with Queen, was playing with his own band.

Nevertheless, a great festival, always fantastic atmosphere and the organisers do an excellent job.

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