Staycation Live 2016

Staycation Live 2016

Staycation Live 2016 Saturday

A lovely day, clear blue sky a few fluffy white clouds, hot.

I arrived around one o’clock Nothing on the main stage, whether I had missed anything, I do not know.

A wander around. More food stalls, most not good.

Pleased to see Dylan ice cream, The Little Beer Company had two stands (not something they have done before). But why rubbish coffee? There are plenty of indie coffee vans serving quality coffee.

In the cloisters, a guy who could not sing or play a guitar. I have come across better in a karaoke bar.

Free Recovery

Free Recovery

Back to the main stage. A heavy metal band, Free Recovery, loud noise and distortion.

Time to go into Godalming, grab something to eat and fruit and vegetables.

I looked in Changing Perceptions. Nothing worth having.

Cafe Mila, was not very good last time I ate there, but the roll with lentils and salad was excellent.

Back to Staycation Live.

Jeramiah Ferrari

Jeramiah Ferrari

I caught the end of a reggae act Jeramiah Ferrari. They were good. I even bought a couple of copies of their album Jeramiah Ferrari.

They can be found on bandcamp, but clueless in its use. make entire album available, not one track.

Back to Cafe Mila for afternoon tea and a cake.

On my return, Ushti Baba, a hillbilly act gone bonkers. No idea who they were, until I checked later. They were dreadful.

Jenna and the G's

Jenna and the G’s

They were followed by a pop act, Jenna and the G’s. OK, but nothing worth going out of your way for.

Whilst they were I had roast pork off Thee Milford Meat Roaster, It was excellent, tasty and succulent. Washed down with a  pint off The Little Beer Corporation stall, though a guest ale, not one of their own. A very dark beer, but not stout.

Between acts, The Scarlet Vixen, an exotic dance act, were excellent.



One good idea, putting group merchandise in front of the stage.

As usual, programmes like gold dust. Why not pin up the running order by the stage?

Lack of coordination between the two stages.

Let us hope Sunday is better.

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