Afternoon in Guildford

electric boat on River Wey

electric boat on River Wey

A pleasant warm sunny afternoon.

Coffee off FCB kiosk at Guildford Station.

Looked in St Mary’s, last day of Rooted exhibition.

Even more than before, Biblical verses appended to many of the paintings not suitable. On the other hand reminded of Robert Frost ‘The Road Less Travelled’ which is actually ‘The Road Not Taken‘. Paulo Coelho  refers to ‘The Road Not Taken’ in The Winner Stands Alone.

I noted in visitors book. I also corrected my last observation, Love Wins is by Rob Bell, not Robert Bell

On my way out,  I picked up a poster for a forthcoming event and said I would hand it in to the Tourist Information Office. They refused to display, apparently they only display events for which they act as box office. This is very wrong, they should support the local community, not events for which they get a kick back.  They did though say they were happy with fliers.

Excellent lunch at Thai restaurant in Jeffries passage.  I only ate there because the owner was there. When she is not there, not usually very good.

It is such a pain all the indy coffee shops shut at five. Ridiculous when it is a lovely day.

At Glutton and Glee people kept walking in to be told they were closed.

A smoothie in what used to be Glutton and Glee. Their slow juicer had broken. They used a blender. I persuaded them to make a zinger: three carrots, one apple, one orange, and a piece of ginger. Sorry we cannot use an orange, we have only one left. It was the end of the day, what else were they going to use it for? It won’t work, it will break the blender. They tried, it did not break the blender, but it did not work. I can only assume not powerful enough.

And so I settled for one of their choices which I accept, was good.

green coconut smoothie

green coconut smoothie

Green Coconut: coconut water, coconut, yogurt,  spinach, banana. agave nectar and ice.

It was then catch a train, to a garden party of a local Labour Party.

All meetings are banned by diktat of Labour NEC, so two fingers to NEC and be imaginative and hold a garden party.

I was pleasantly surprised at the contempt for Owen Jones, aka Oily Jones. A great deal of anger at Labour NEC, coup plotters for treatment of Jeremy Corbyn, disenfranchisement of members, diktat telling party members they cannot meet. Quite heartening.

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