Into Eternity

Hinkley Point C, is a nuclear reactor being proposed for Somerset.

To be built at an estimated cost of 18 billion euros, more than the capital value of EDF who would build and operate.

The electricity produced will be at least double, maybe triple, the existing cost of electricity, at a time when the cost of electricity from renewables is falling.

It is scheduled to produce at least 7% of the UK demand for electricity.

It will be part-owned by the Chinese military. There is already threatening noises from the Chinese that the project may be cancelled. US would not let Chinese control critical infrastructure.

Fracking may take place nearby with increased risk of an earthquake.

It would be at risk from rising sea level.

But what of the waste? UK has no plans for nuclear waste disposal

We can safely store nuclear waste, in cooling ponds above ground, providing there is no interruption to the power to the cooling ponds, no leakage, no earthquakes, no terrorist attacks or theft of the waste materiel, no wars.

At best, storage in cooling ponds is temporary storage for a few dozen years.

In 1970, Finland began construction of a massive underground bunker designed to safely store its nuclear waste until it decays and becomes safe, a process that takes 100,000 years.

How do you safeguard a site for 100,000 years?

How do you warn people?

Go back 100,000 years, and we are at the time of Neanderthals.

Stonehenge, appears to be a giant astronomical clock. But why was it built?

We could leave giant granite monoliths, with warnings, but will the warnings be heeded?

We do not know what the writing on Mayan artefacts means, and yet that is a civilisation Europeans were in contact with in the recent past.

The site could be forgotten. What if, a future civilisation, using ground penetrating radar, discovers the network of underground tunnels. It must be a site of importance, why else would a past civilisation built such a structure?

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