It’s hard to report the peasants revolt from inside the castle

In the modern world the stupid are cocksure while the intelligent are full of doubt. — Bertrand Russell

People are not here for me – they are here because they want to be part of our movement and part of the change that we’re offering the country. – — Jeremy Corbyn

When journalists reported from Iraq, or when they reported as few now do, they rarely got it right. Not because they were deliberately misrepresenting what was happening on the ground, they simply did not know, they were either embedded with the military or in the Green Zone.  When you saw them reporting to camera, they were on the roof of a hotel in the Green Zone as that gave the best satellite connections. But they rarely had the honesty to tell you this.

In the last election, Labour were headed for a massive defeat, but you would not have known this from the media reporting, or the wipe out in Scotland, or the vote to leave the EU.

If somewhere in the Europe, an unknown politician, unknown to the media that is, had come from nowhere and won a landslide victory, had then gone on to build the party as the largest social movement in Europe, with mass participation, they would be knocking on the door to report this phenomena.  And yet all we hear is that Jeremy Corbyn is unelectable. The fact this flies in the face of the evidence is not seen as relevant

A week ago, with only 48 hours to register as a Labour party supporter, registrations were running at one a second. At £25 a go, it brought  £4.5 million into Labour Party coffers

We have a sustained attack by the coup plotters, granted a platform by the mainstream media, not only on Jeremy Corbyn, but also on his supporters, who have been called ‘mobs’, ‘thugs’, ‘dogs’, ‘morons’, ‘Trots’, and much worse, culminating in a former minister going on TV to falsely accuse people of running a hate campaign who have only ever tried to fight for a fairer and kinder society for the most vulnerable.

At the same time Jeremy Corbyn has been attacked relentlessly and falsely by large parts of the mainstream media. An LSE study  showed 75% of stories about him misrepresented his position. Other studies have also shown the level of misreporting and bias, including by the BBC.

Rather than defending him, his MPs have fuelled and supported that attack before finally smashing up party democracy in a sustained attempt to hijack the party. They didn’t give a single political reason: they attacked Jeremy personally, shouted him down in meeting after meeting and assassinated his character at every opportunity they got. Their only motivation hatred of Jeremy Corbyn, their only policy Get Corbyn.

One of the biggest liars is Angela Eagle.

Claimed she was harassed at a meeting. She was not at the meeting.

Claimed a meeting had to be abandoned because of harassment by Corbyn supporters. The meeting was cancelled by the venue as they did not want her there.

But her biggest lie, claiming a Corbyn supporter had put a brick through her window. Where was the evidence, where was the motive? But as Peter Hitchens writes, it was even worse than that.

Remember that window in Angela Eagle’s Labour party office in Wallasey, that was supposed to have been broken? Remember the insinuation that this had been done by wicked Corbynites? Well, I asked Merseyside Police, and they told me that the window wasn’t that of Mrs Eagle’s office, which wasn’t broken. It was the window of a stairwell and hallway, in an office building which Wallasey Labour Party shares with several others. Bear this in mind when reading coverage of this contest.

Then there is the alleged break in of an office of a Member of Parliament. A serious matter if true.

One of the coup plotters Seema Malhotra resigned more than a month ago. One would have thought would have vacated her office by now. It did not take David Cameron a month to vacate Downing Street, he was out within days. A month on, boxes outside the office, the office manager with keys to the office, decided to check. No, still there. But this gets blown  into a break in and harassment by Corbyn supporters.

frightened my staff, including a new intern, who have become concerned about their safety, and as such took the decision that no member of staff was to be left alone in the office.

Seema Malhotra has form. A while back she spread rumours that John McDonnell was mounting a leadership bid.

A formal complaint was lodged with John Bercow, Speaker of the House of Commons. He ordered an investigation and reported back that there was no case to answer.

Coup plotter Conor McGinn claimed he was attacked by Corbyn supporters, subjected to a torrent of abuse and threats. The truth was somewhat different.

A group of Labour Party members found themselves locked out of a local meeting. A couple of women approached Conor McGinn and demanded an explanation.

Coup plotters Ben Bradshaw and Neil Coyle claimed Jeremy Corbyn had lost a council seat in Totnes.

Somewhat difficult for Jeremy Corbyn to lose anything when the local party had not put forward a candidate.

Alex Mockridge, a Corbyn supporter, stood as an Independent. She was not elected.

But what Totnes demonstrates is a a problem with all parties. Scraping the bottom of the barrel to find anyone to stand on a party ticket. We end up with the present situation of useless councillors.

We need to follow the example of nearby Frome, or Barcelona or towns and cites across Spain, ordinary citizens seize control of their Town Halls, then network across Europe.

Brighton had their local party suspended, their elections of  party officials annulled. Why, could it be because they support Jeremy Corbyn and wish to see their anti-Corbyn MP Peter Kyle de-selected?

It has been falsely claimed the meeting was badly conducted. Numerous eye witness accounts have said the opposite.

On the other hand, abuse of two visitors from London, one a colleague of John McDonnell, who had attended a pro-Corbyn rally in Brighton, no action taken.

Last week a wealthy donor who thought he could buy the party, took High Court action to block Jeremy Corbyn as leader. The judge threw the case out, no case to answer. Blink, and you would have missed this on the BBC News.

Sarah Marshal has unresigned from the Shadow Cabinet, and asked to be taken back. Jeremy Corbyn in a magnanimous gesture, has welcomed her back.

If she is competent, then yes, maybe take her back, and shows forgiveness on the part of Jeremy Corbyn.

But she in turn owes an apology and an explanation as to why she resigned. Was she part of an orchestrated campaign to discredit Jeremy Corbyn? Maybe she can shed some light on the workings of the coup, how it was orchestrated.

Jeremy Corbyn should think the unthinkable and invite MPs from other parties to take seats in the Shadow Cabinet. This would not involve deals with other parties.

The attacks will not stop, when as seems likely Jeremy Corbyn is reelected as Party leader.

Coup plotters have already vowed to continue with their war of attrition.

Coup plotters want business as usual, a nice easy life. a sinecure for life. That is why they hate Jeremy Corbyn, as he is willing to mobilise large numbers of people to take back control of their own lives.

We need to form broad social movements that seek change at all levels, that form open coops, participate in the collaborate commons, the exact opposite of the failed mainstream politics of the lust for power, puppets of an elite.

The coup plotters have done everything they can to destroy the Labout Party, then when things go wrong Blame Corbyn.

What they are scared of, what scares them shitless, is us.

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