Afternoon in Farnham

River Wey riverside walk

River Wey riverside walk

A pleasant walk along the River Wey, then up through Gostrey Meadow into Downing Street.

I was pleased to see the little tea van was back in Gostrey Meadow, though less pleased to see the ice cream van engine running belching out toxic fumes.  I wonder how many parents appreciate the brain damage being done to their toddlers.

The reason the van has not been around, was as I thought, at festivals.

I suggested for next year, Godalming Staycation Live, which this year is next weekend.

As always, excellent cappuccino in Krema.

Barista Lounge closed down.  Re-opening Monday.

Late afternoon walk around Bishop’s Meadow. I noticed last week the grass had been cut and the hay gathered in. Fencing around parts of the meadow. Maybe cattle will be introduced.  Unless my imagination, the patch that had been ploughed and wild flowers sowed a couple of years ago appears to have been extended.

Late for Waitrose. Then too late as chatted with a lady with a dog.

Missed the bus, or to be correct, bus only goes as far as Farnham not all the way to Aldershot.

Caught train instead.

Man closing station, warns me of the drunks by the bus station. Same problems as Friday evening, when police had to be called.

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