Afternoon in Guildford

narrow boat on River Wey

narrow boat on River Wey

Although I caught an earlier train, I ended up in Guildford an hour and a half later.

An earlier train, to avoid the Gatwick train, as this time of year, especially on a Friday, overcrowded, but even the earlier train was crowded.

Jess no longer at the FCB kiosk at Guildford Station. She had warned me she would be off travelling.  A friend had taken over, a guy called Chase. Keen on coffee, he made me a reasonable cappuccino.

FCB and Harris + Hoole occupy the top coffee spot in Guildford. Surrey Hills Coffee at third. Caracoli, whilst they employ an idiot as manager who is clueless on coffee are being made a laughing stock. The chains serve disgusting undrinakable coffee.

Too late for lunch at Debenhams. I thought I would be but looked anyway.

I revisited Rooted, an art exhibition in St Mary’s. They turned off the New Age music, and what a difference it made.

Many of the paintings had a path wandering off into the distance. Each had a verse, but did not match the Biblical quote. I was reminded of Robert Frost ‘The Road Less Travelled’ which is actually ‘The Road Not Taken‘.

Paulo Coelho  refers to ‘The Road Not Taken’ in The Winner Stands Alone.

After passing through the market in North Street, late lunch at the Thai takeaway at the top end of the High Street.

I looked in Ryman and Maplin. The best offer at the moment on powerbank (portable battery to charge a phone or tablet), is in Lidl for a fiver (one of their special offers, when it is gone it is gone). If your phone or tablet does not last the day, these are very useful to carry around.

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