Surly Stagecoach bus driver refuses to accept Bus Pass

Today at a little before 1650, a surly Stagecoach driver refused to accept a valid Bus Pass and ordered the passenger off the bus.  Driver when asked, refused to give his name.

Stagecoach Goldline, route No 1, location Farnbrough Tech, bus No 22744  heading towards Farnborough town centre.

Passenger forced to get off bus and walk.

Two bus drivers confirmed Bus Pass was valid.

At Queensmead bus interchange, driver of No 1 bus heading towards Aldershot, was shown Bus Pass, asked was it a valid Bus Pass, driver said yes.

Bus Pass was used on return journey, no problem. On alighting from bus, driver was asked was Bus Pass valid, driver said yes.

Refusal to accept a Bus Pas, whilst rare, is not uncommon, drivers finding bogus reasons not to accept.

This uncouth driver, claimed use of bus passes was costing the company money.  His comment only serves to illustrate his depth of ignorance. Whilst it may be true, passengers using a Bus Pass are contributing less than ordinary fare paying passengers, they are contributing an extra revenue stream, which may make all the difference between a bus route being profitable or not, a revenue stream that would not otherwise exist.

There are also other advantages to wider society. Fewer car journeys, less congestion, less air pollution, lower emission of greenhouse gases. It gets people who would otherwise be housebound out and about, increasing their social interaction and mobility, delays dementia. The only disadvantage, makes people lazy, they may hop on a bus when they would have otherwise walked.

Anyone who deals with the public, be it in a supermarket or a bank, displays a name badge. The same should apply to bus drivers.

Once upon a time bus drivers used to have to display their licence. Why is this no longer a requirement?

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4 Responses to “Surly Stagecoach bus driver refuses to accept Bus Pass”

  1. denise Says:

    was bus driver wearing glasses and had short dark hair?
    was the person that was refused access onto bus a female with dark hair and the bus pass had split in two pieces?

  2. keithpp Says:

    To all questions no.

    Bus driver not seen before, spoke with an accent, but not a foreigner.

    Stagecoach need to take disciplinary action against this driver.

    Also drivers must be identified.

    Too many are rude and pig ignorant.

    If they could be identified that might be a little more courteous to their passengers.

    With information provided, No 1 Bus, outside Farnborough Tech a little before 1650, heading towards Camberley, should with GPS on the bus make it easy to identify the driver.

  3. Gary Cook Says:

    Have you emailed Stagecoach with the information?

  4. keithpp Says:

    No, but have been in contact via twitter.

    I will expect the uncouth driver to be disciplined.

    Please feel free to e-mail article to Stagecoach.

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