Afternoon in Guildford



Friday afternoon, a hot afternoon, although not as hot as it had been earlier in the week. Rain was forecast, a few spots, and that was it.

River Wey has dropped a few inches since I last visited two weeks ago. Now slow and sluggish, as I would expect in the summer.

Rooted, an art exhibition in St Mary’s, as a result St Mary’s actually open. Many of the paintings have glass in front, which meant impossible to see due to reflections. I wish artist would learn how to display their works.

Candle lit for Sophie, in hospital for an operation.

Long discussion on religion with lady minding the church. A book I could not think of, then came to me, Love Wins.  I said I would write it in the book, next time I passed by.

Thai green curry at the Thai takeaway at the top of the High Street. It belongs to the Thai restaurant in Jeffries Passage. The main difference is the service is better.

Several businesses have closed top end of the High Street, including Morrisons and Argus.

Looked in Steamer Trading. Shattered glass panes in the Caracoli terrace have not been replaced. But at least the terrace has been closed off, pending survey by structural engineers. In now needs the Caracoli manager to be fired for demonstrating such a cavalier attitude to safety. Plus lacks people skills and is clueless on coffee.

Cappuccino in Surrey Hills coffee. A pity coffee shops do not do fresh juices in the hot weather.

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