The Entirely Fake Owen Smith

Owen Smith

Owen Smith more Blairite than Blair

Owen Smith unelectable

Owen Smith unelectable

Even the mainstream media feel compelled to drop hints that Owen Smith is not what he is being promoted as. The Guardian’s words yesterday were unintentionally revealing;

the former shadow work and pensions secretary plans to pitch himself as the soft-left option

Note “to pitch himself”. For PR professional Smith, political stance is nothing to do with personal belief, it is to do with brand positioning. On Channel 4 News last night, an incredulous Michael Crick pointed out that the “soft left” Smith had previously given interviews supporting PFI and privatisation in the health service. He also strongly supported Blair’s city academies.

As chief lobbyist for Pfizer, Smith actively pushed for privatisation of NHS services. This is not something Pfizer did very openly, and you have to search the evidence carefully. Footnotes often tell you what is really happening, as in this press release  in which Owen Smith says of a Pfizer funded “focus group” study:

We believe that choice is a good thing and that patients and healthcare professionals should be at the heart of developing the agenda.

You have to look at the footnotes to see what kind of choice Owen Smith is actually talking about. Note to Editors 3 includes

“The focus groups also explored areas of choice that do not yet exist in the UK – most specifically the use of direct payments and the ability to choose to go directly to a specialist without first having to see the GP.”

Well, at least it is clear – direct payments from the public to doctors replacing current NHS services. Smith was promoting straight privatisation. As Head of Policy and Government Relations for Pfizer, Owen Smith was also directly involved in Pfizer’s funding  of Blairite right wing entryist group Progress. Pfizer gave Progress £53,000. Progress has actively pursued the agenda of PFI and privatisation of NHS services.

Owen Smith went to Pfizer from a Labour Party job, while Labour were in government, and there is no doubt that his hiring was an example of the corrupt relationship between New Labour and big business which is why the Blairites are so hated by the public. It is also beyond any argument that if Pfizer had any doubts about Owen Smith’s willingness to promote the Big Pharma and NHS Privatisation agenda, they would never have hired him.

Owen Smith is a strong supporter of Trident and assiduously courts the arms industry. He is a regular at defence industry events.

Perhaps most crucially of all, Owen Smith  joined his fellow Red Tories in abstaining on the Tory welfare benefit cuts.

I do not doubt Owen Smith’s expertise in brand positioning. I expect that there are indeed a large number of Labour Party members who might vote for a left wing alternative to Corbyn. But I also suspect that Smith has adopted the PR man’s typical contempt for the public, who are not as stupid as he seems to think. There is no evidence whatsoever that Smith is a left winger. There is every evidence that he is another New Labour unprincipled and immoral careerist, adopting a left wing pose that he thinks will win him votes.

People will notice, Owen. They really are not that stupid.

Re-posted from Craig Murray.

Owen Smith claims to be the unity candidate, only he can heal the wounds in the Labour Party, that he is as radical as Jeremy Corbyn.

His record shows anything but. He was one of the coup plotters, thus hardly a unity candidate or someone to heal wounds when it is he and hos coup plotters that have caused the damage to the Labour Party.

To claim  as radical as Jeremy Corbyn, is laughable.

His background is PR, he is a former lobbyist for a major US pharmaceutical company, favours privatisation of the NHS, has obtained funding for Blairites within the Party from a  US drugs company.  A former adviser.. He abstained on damaging Tory welfare cuts. Has contempt for democracy with his call for a second referendum on Brexit.  In Wales he is known as Oily Smith.

A candidate who is as shallow as Tony Blair.

Is this the sort of person suited to lead the Labour Party?

Most would say no.

Owen Smith and Angela Eagle have done a dirty little deal as to who would stand. Labour MPs met to decide who will stand.

Once again contempt for democracy, contempt for the members.

The only thing that ties the coup plotters together, is intense hatred of Jeremy Corbyn and contempt for the members.

Owen Smith is a careerist politician, satiated on his lust for power.

If not already registered to vote in the leadership election, please register before 5pm on Wednesday.

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