Labour votes for sale

They've pulled a Wonga

They’ve pulled a Wonga

Next time we criticise rigged elections in another country, they will simply point to the level of corruption in the Labour Party.

Come the General Election, this will be used by other parties as to why Labour is unfit to be a party of government.

Labour NEC has disenfranchised around 130,000 Party members.

Labour has votes for sale.

Local parties are barred from meeting.

We do not know why Brighton has been suspended, as the local party has not been told, but the suspicion has to be, because they are pro-Corbyn.

Local parties across the country must meet in defiance of Labour NEC, or if they are not prepared to go that far, hold an informal meeting, and pass a Vote of No Confidence in Labour NEC.

If local parties are unable to meet, how can they hold leadership hustings, how can they decide who they wish to back?

It is Labour NEC that must be dissolved and fresh elections to Labour NEC.

If the Labour establishment wants war, then give them war.

The coup plotters, come a General Election, must be de-selected. They chose war then let us take war to them, but in a comradely fashion, no lynchings, no bricks through windows, no abuse.

What we are seeing is not Left v Right or Jeremy Corbyn v Labour MPs. What we are seeing is the Members v Labour Establishment, the 99% v the 1%.

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