Jeremy Corbyn is on the ballot but NEC rigs the ballot

Jeremy Corbyn ballot

Jeremy Corbyn ballot

It was crystal clear, Jeremy Corbyn should be automatically on the ballot, only the challenger needs to seek nominations. That is what the rules say.

Jeremy Corbyn is on the ballot, after NEC ruled 18-14 he shouldn’t have to collect signatures and is automatically on the ballot.

Jeremy Corbyn went out to inform supporters, whilst he was gone, the NEC pulled a fast one.  They changed the rules for the election.

NEC is charging £25 to become a supporter and preventing new members from voting in the leadership election.

In the last election, supporters could register for £3, now it is £25.

Since the EU referendum, Jeremy Corbyn has brought over 100,000 new members into the Labour Party. This is more that the total membership of the Tory Party. These new members are to be disenfranchised.

For a political party that allegedly represents the poorest and most vulnerable in society to charge £25 to become a supporter and to have a vote in leadership election, is not only morally wrong, but diametrically opposed to its founding mission and ethos. The poorest, those struggling to pay their bills, who rely on food banks,  cannot afford to pay this. And why should they.

The Labour Party is about empowering people, and giving them a voice – whatever their economic position. The decision only excludes those people whom the Labour Party should be reaching out to.

Equally outrageous is preventing new members who have signed-up since January from taking part, despite stating on the website that they would be able to take part in voting in leadership elections. This is not democratically inclusive.

The values of Jeremy Corbyn has always been to be inclusive, to encourage participation.

The values of the coup plotters  and Blairites to exclude people. We have seen the contempt Labour MPs have had for the demos, the people.

Please sign the petition demanding  Labour Party NEC  remove these new rules, and open-up the leadership contest to everybody who holds Labour Party values.

Post-2008, the people have started to fight back. They questioned why the banks should be bailed out, why the elite is saved whilst the rest of us have had to tighten our belts, why it is the poor who have to suffer austerity whilst the rich prosper, why welfare is cut when tax dodgers pay no tax. We have had Occupy, Arab Spring,and now with Brexit, the beginning of a European Spring.

Syriza may have been crushed by the EU and now nothing but a puppet government of the EU, Podemos may not have won the Spanish elections, Arab Spring brutally crushed, but the ideas have not gone away.

When Jeremy Corbyn threw his hat in the ring, he was an outsider, and yet he went from meeting to meeting, caught the public mood, the meetings grew ever larger.

What we are seeing, is the political class, the puppets of the bankers, losing control.

The masses were not meant to say no to the EU, they were meant to be cowed into submission.

Jeremy Corbyn was not meant to still be Labour Leader, the coup was meant to topple him before the Chilcot Report was published.

Murdoch and his ilk, may control the media, BBC a soapbox for the Establishment, but the people have the streets, social media the streets of cyber space.

As they have learnt in Barcelona, a revolution is not ticking a box on  a ballot paper, it involves mass public participation.

There has to be public participation at all levels. As Brexit has shown, the future is far too important to be left to career politicians.

The Blairites realise this too, but they have become increasingly divorced from reality in their desperate attempt to cling on to power. We see this with the ravings of Tony Blair and Angela Eagle. She talks of uniting the Party. It is united, the problem lies with a handful of embittered MPs.

The desperation of the Blairite coup plotters was seen, in their crude attempt to keep Jeremy Corbyn off the ballot paper. The rules were clear, there was no ambiguity.  Having failed in that, they are trying to rig the ballot.

What NEC have done with their £25 supporters fee, is created a poll tax on voting.

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2 Responses to “Jeremy Corbyn is on the ballot but NEC rigs the ballot”

  1. keithpp Says:

  2. keithpp Says:

    We have a labour party leadership election.

    We have over 1000,000 members who joined after 12 January 2016 disenfranchised.

    We have supporters being charged £25 to register, but only a couple of days within which to register.

    I have gone to Labour Party website. I can findn no information on any of this.

    I would expect it to be there as you enter the site.

    Yet another example of corrupt Labour Establishment determined to rig the election.

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