Afternoon in Guildford


Town Bridge

A strange day, started off cool, then sun came out and in the sun was warm, then sun went in and it tuned cool, but most of the afternoon, very warm.

I had intended to have lunch at Thai restaurant in Jeffries Passage, but then thought no, roast pork in Debenhams. Only no roast pork, roast turkey, back to my original idea.

I picked up a copy of The Winner Stands Alone in Oxfam shop, in Quarry Street, or at least tried. They had no change. Luckily a girl dropping off fliers for a show she was performing in, had change.

Lunch in Thai restaurant was not up to usual standard. Boss not there, and so abysmal service.

Looked in Food for Thought, as I had told a lady there I would show her how to make some juices. I checked on the market, they had all I needed. But she was not there.

They have what is a liquidiser, not even a juicer, reduced from £350 down to £200. I cannot see how they can justify either price. I queried this on Tuesday, to be told it had industrial grade motor.

Harangued for an hour by manager in Caracoli, who did not like my review. Resolve the problems, not harangue the person who reports them. But worse was to come. One  of the glass panes in their suspended glass floor shattered. Manager objected to my taking photos of the damaged pane. I told him, the area could not be used, he had to call structural engineers to check. He blatantly lied, claimed it had been like it sometime. It had not, I witnessed it shatter whilst I was sitting there.  He then demonstrating what an idiot he is, claimed I had come in to cause trouble, and if I did not leave, he was calling security. I said fine, go ahead, I will have the media present. Bluffed called, he stormed off.  When someone takes this cavalier attitude to health and safety, potentially putting lives at risk, it should be instant dismissal.

My concern, was someone could fall through. Walking out, I realised there was risk to the store below. I asked for the manager and got acting manager. She said they had already cordoned an area off as one pane had already cracked (nowhere near as bad).  She thanked me for drawing the danger to her attention. She said it would be reported, and she would ensure the terrace above would be taken out of use.

Looked in La Casita in Chapel Street. A chat with the owner.

Then train.

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