Disastrous Guildford farmers market

deserted Guildford farmers market

deserted Guildford farmers market


deserted Guildford farmers market

Compared with a couple of weeks ago, River Wey now at usual slow steady pace.

During the winter, Guildford farmers market tends to be rather dreary, but at this time of years, at its best, lots of fresh fruit and vegetables.

But sadly not, a very sorry market. Devoid of people, few stalls, and still not in the High Street.

I feel sorry for the producers, they bring their produce, then take it back again.

The sausages and roast pork, when in the High Street, an orderly queue, today I did not see a solitary person, a large joint of roast pork, sitting there.

Contrast this with Godalming Food Festival on Saturday, many stalls and the street packed.

And what is tantamount to fraud, the stallholders are being charged the same pitch fees as though they are in the High Street.

From when I last visited, I can count several stalls who are no longer there. I can only assume they wisely chose to cut their losses.

The Council would counter they are losing fees from the car park, but that is pathetic bollocks. Yes, maybe a loss from this specific car park, but do these visitors no longer come to Guildford? Of course not, they park elsewhere in another car park. This argument would only be true if it was Christmas and all the car parks were full. And then, it beggars belief, they cut the cost of the car parks or make them free.

There is absolutely no excuse for the disgusting manner in which Guildford Council has treated their farmers market. The norm for worthless councillors who sit on councils and the useless jobsworths they employ.

And why do we not have  a coffee stall on the market? No excuse if from a local roaster, as meets the criteria for the market.

At the very least, when they relocate back to the High Street, the stallholders should be granted as many weeks free, as they have paid for the car park. and even that would not make up their losses.

Last two weeks, a craft fair has been in the High Street.

The farmers market could have been distributed, part in the High Street, on the Bridge and into Tunsgate. Or on the Bridge and along the river, or in the cat park at Milmead, or in North Street and flow into the side streets, or in Castle Street or even in the Castle Grounds. In other words anywhere other the appalling location in which it has now been stuck for several months whilst the High Street has been dug up.

What will now happen, if the market moves back into the High Street in September if they are lucky, they will find they have lost most of their custom. Having not seen a market in the High Street for many months, people will assume Guildford no longer hosts a farmers market. It will probably take at least a year to recover.

Something Guildford could do, make September market assuming in the High Street a food festival like Godalming Food Festival, then make it an annual event.

To eat I went to the Thai restaurant takeaway top of the High Street. It was excellent. Although I felt a little guilty, maybe I should have eaten off the farmers market, after all they needed the custom.

On my way, I popped in Food For Thought. Thy were experimenting with fresh juices, though more to flog a juicer. £200, special offer from £300. Got to be joking. They justified the price on the grounds it had an industrial motor.

Whilst I was in the Thai takeaway, a woman came in who was off her head. Loud, aggressive with a serious attitude problem. She had the look of a junkie who lives on the street.

I would have had a cappuccino and a cookie in Surrey Hills Coffee only it was nearly five, they close at five and they never have cookies.

I am at a loss why these indie coffee shops close so early. In the winter yes but in the summer no.

I decided to try Caracoli. I have never been impressed by Winchester or Farnham, but they bragged stunning view of Guildford High Street and they were open until six.

I sat in their rooftop terrace. Yes, stunning view down the High Street, though obscured by glass. Both cappuccino and cookie were good, sadly an unbelievable surly girl serving. I tried a fresh apple juice that too was good.

They sell beans but no roast date which is a serious deficiency, as as I assume they do not roast the beans, they should put the roaster, not brand as their own.


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