Caracoli Guildford

Caracoli Guildford cappuccino

Caracoli Guildford cappuccino

I would have had a cappuccino and a cookie in Surrey Hills Coffee only it was nearly five, they close at five and they never have cookies.

I am at a loss why these indie coffee shops close so early. In the winter yes but in the summer no.

I decided to try Caracoli. I have never been impressed by Winchester or Farnham, but they bragged stunning view of Guildford High Street and they were open until six.

I sat in their rooftop terrace. Yes, stunning view down the High Street, though obscured by glass. Both cappuccino and cookie were good.

An unbelievable surly girl serving.  She was from Czech Republic, from Prague, which explained a lot. This is the norm in Prague, surly service in shops.

I questioned why she had used chocolate or was it coca, and that she should ask first.

I tried a fresh apple juice that too was good.

They sell beans but no roast date which is a serious deficiency, as as I assume they do not roast the beans, they should put the roaster, not brand as their own.  Best by date is meaningless.

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One Response to “Caracoli Guildford”

  1. keithpp Says:

    Caracoli not the best coffee shop in Guildford

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