Angela Eagle you are pathetic

Earlier in the week we had a pathetic performance by Angela Eagle on Wato, saying what a wonderful man Jeremy Corbyn was, that it was with deep regret she had now come to the conclusion he had to go, and she was resigning from his team.

She was part of an orchestrated campaign, all singing from the same hymn sheet, all one by one on the hour resigning, ensuring a journalist was the first to know.

What though she failed to mention was that  a couple of days before her pathetic performance, three websites had been registered for her leadership campaign, registered by a Blair crony.

What she also failed to mention, she had no support from her own local Labour Party for her actions.

Tuesday, it was announced on her behalf, she would announce her bid for leader on Wednesday.

Wednesday came and went. A deafening silence.

It was then announced she would announce on Thursday.

Thursday came and went, as did Friday. Nada.

Today is Saturday.  Nada.

Now she is demanding once again, Jeremy Corbyn should stand down.

Jeremy Corbyn has made it very clear, he is going nowhere. Why should he when he has the backing of the Party, which is more than Angela Eagle has.

No leadership challenge from Angela Eagle, because she knows she has not got the backing of party members, if there was a leadership challenge, she would be annihilated.

It seems to have gone to her head that a couple of times she stood in for Jeremy Corbyn at Prime Minister’s Questions. Standing in, is a long way from stepping into his shoes.

Judge a person by the company they keep.

Angela Eagle is backed by Peter Mandelson. That is like receiving the kiss of death.

Neil Kinnock was wheeled out today. He joined the chorus Corbyn must go. This is the man who was a laughing stock as Labour leader, who made labour unelectable for a generation, and paved the way for Tony Blair.

Corbyn media lies

Corbyn media lies

And the plot thickens. The mainstream media has told lie upon lie about Jeremy Corbyn.

The Telegraph claimed he lunged at a reporter. The video The Telegraph use, shows he did not.  The television reporter involved in the incident – Victoria Macdonald, Channel Four News Health and Social affairs correspondent – denied that she had been “lunged at” by the Labour leader. She wrote in a post on Twitter: “He was angry yes but contrary to reports I didn’t feel ‘lunged at.”

And how ridiculous, to claim he was running away, when he addressed two large rallies called at short notice.

He was attacked for comparing Israel with ISIS. He did not, what he said was to attack Jews for the actions of Israel was no different than attacking Muslims for the actions of ISIS, and that both must stop.

Across the country, mass rallies in support of Jeremy Corbyn, and that is in addition to the two rallies that have already taken place in London.

Angela Eagle and the other coup plotters must resign. If not, Vote of No Confidence in them at meetings of local parties and de-selection.

What we are seeing is The People v The Establishment.  Jeremy Corbyn is offering a new style of politics, that is why he has widespread public support and that is why the Establishment is so vehemently opposed.

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