Blairite plot to oust Jeremy Corbyn

When Jeremy Corbyn threw his hat into the ring last year, it was not meant to happen, it did not go according to the Blairite script.

Blairities did everything they could to stop his election, one by one Labour Establishment has-beens were wheeled out one by one, granted a platform by mainstream media, to attack Jeremy Corbyn.

Only it did not work, he was elected. Not only elected, but elected on the first round with a massive majority.

Then it switched,  virtually every other day granted a platform to attack his leadership of the Labour Party. Only it did not work, people looked at his record, saw what he stood for, saw he asked intelligent questions at Prime Minster’s Question Times, held David Cameron to account, did not engage in the infantile antics. For once, there was hope in the country

He also worked with grass roots to engage with people, showed he was on their side, encouraged them to participate.

Labour Establishment did everything to undermine,  the Local Elections, ready to use that as an excuse to mount a coup, only he did quite well.

During the EU referendum they remained silent.

Jeremy Corbyn, a lifetime opponent of the EU campaigned to stay in but only to highlight how bad and to campaign for reform from within.

People voted to Leave, they saw EU was beyond reform.

Jeremy Corbyn accepted the result.

But not the Blairites, how dare he lose the entire campaign, he must be ousted.

First  out from under his rock war criminal Tony Blair himself, attacks Jeremy Corbyn. On cue, two Labour Members of Parliament table a Vote of No Confidence.

Saturday night, Hilary Ben is exposed of mounting a coup, fired by Jeremy Corbyn, one by one, members of his team resign.

The resignations were clearly orchestrated, as they all appeared to be singing from the same hymn sheet.

One of those who resigned was Angela Eagle, who gave a pathetic performance on Wato (Radio 4 lunchtime news).  How long did she rehearse before a mirror?

The entire performance by Angela Eagle was fake. Days before a website had been registered for her leadership bid.

The following website domain names

were all registered by Joe McCrea, a former New Labour special adviser,  adviser to Tony Blair, who now runs a communications consultancy in Derbyshire.

The domains were registered on Saturday 25 June , that is one day before Hilary Benn was sacked as shadow foreign secretary for  attempting to mount a coup against Jeremy Corbyn, and two days before Angela Eagle quit the shadow cabinet and gave her pathetic performance on Wato.

According to The Canary, the coup against Jeremy Corbyn is being orchestrated by Portland Communications, established  in 2001 by Tim Allan, a former adviser to Tony Blair.

Sitting on the Advsiory Council of Portland, Alistair Campbell, who has recently crawled out from under his rock to attack Jeremy Corbyn.

The hierarchy at Portland combined with their historical links and current activities appeared to tie-in with the ongoing Labour coup. Sky News’ Sophy Ridge had reported that:

I’m told the Labour MP coordinating and choreographing the resignations is @ConorMcGinn – significant as he’s in Jeremy Corbyn’s Whips Office. He’s ringing shadow cabinet members and ministers, organising the timings and co-ordinating the resignations to try to cause maximum impact. This is significant because he’s one of Jeremy Corbyn’s Whips – tasked with ensuring party discipline.

Her report then vanished, but had been copied by The Canary.

The Canary also reports there are links with the Fabian Society.

Conor McGinn was appointed chair of the Young Fabians, and is still active in the society today. And of course, Margaret Hodge, who co-penned the no-confidence motion, is vice president of the society. Take into account, also, Fabian journalists like Polly Toynbee calling Corbyn “dismal, spineless and lifeless” – and you may have your “committee of war”. Furthermore, former prospective parliamentary candidate and Fabian Will Straw called for Corbyn’s resignation – in his position as director of “Britian Stronger in Europe”.

The more The Canary trawls through the links and personnel associated with Prtland, the murkier it becomes.

Angela Eagle announced she was going to announce, her leadership challenge today. It never materialised.

The coup plotters have mounted a coup, only they have no mandate, no backers.

Now all that remains, is for supporters of Jeremy Corbyn to get rid of the coup plotters.

We win elections by offering a vision of the future. Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell are doing that. Now we are in post-Brexit meltdown, is more important than ever that we offer a vision that we all can be part of.

The alternative that offered by the discredited Blairites, is more of the same, money accrues to the rich, whilst the poor depend upon food banks.

The criticism of Jeremy Corbyn by the coup plotters boils down to one simple truth, we don’t like him, he is not one of us,  he is not motivated by power or greed, getting his snout in trough, fiddling his expenses, he actually believes in old fashioned decency, serving the people. And unlike most Labour politicians who are despised by the public, he is actually liked.

The bomb is ticking under the Blairites. Next week the Chilcot Report will finally be published.

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