We support Jeremy Corbyn

Jeremy Corbyn support rally outside Parliament

Jeremy Corbyn support rally outside Parliament

It started Friday morning, war criminal Tony Blair crawled out from beneath his rock and attacked Jeremy Corbyn, it Brexit was his fault we were leaving the EU.

On cue, two Labour Members of Parliament tabled a Vote of No Confidence in Jeremy Corbyn.

BBC played its usual role, a platform given for anyone who wished to attack Jeremy Corbyn.

Saturday night, it was learnt Hilary Benn was plotting a coup to remove Jeremy Corbyn.  Early hours of Sunday morning Hilary Benn was fired.

Hilary Benn was the man responsible for running Labour Leave campaign.

One by one, the coup plotters outed themselves each granted a platform calling for Jeremy Cobyn to go.

Pathetic listening to Angela Eagle on Wato Monday lunchtime, Jeremy Corbyn did not engage with people, it was his fault we were laving the EU, and to cap it all, she had sent him a text message that morning and he had not yet replied.

Sunday Hilary Benn was given a platform, he accused Jeremy Corbyn of lack lustre campaign, of causing UK to leave the EU.

The usual shoddy reporting by BBC, Jeremy Corbyn accused of lacklustre performance, of there being a revolt against him in the Labour Party,  of losing the support of Labour MPs.

One the strengths of Jeremy Corbyn is his ability to engage with people. We saw this during his leadership campaign, where not only did he engage with people, he engaged with young people, which is more than Hilary Benn and his coup plotters could ever achieve.

Blaming Jeremy Corbyn for losing the referendum, is to completely lose the plot of a referendum. It is for the people to decide, not be dictated to by politicians.

And what of all his critics, what were they doing to bring people on board?

Remain in the EU, never had the full support of large sections of the  Party or of Trade Unions.

The stance Jeremy Corbyn, John McDonnell, Paul Mason and Yanis Varoufakis  took, was an honest one, that there was not a lot of good can be said of the EU, but we need you on the inside to help with the fight to reform the EU.

There were others, whilst they sympathised with that viewpoint took a more pragmatic viewpoint, the EU was beyond reform, was better to leave.

Jeremy Corbyn et al have respected the decision to leave the EU, they see their argument to stay and fight, did not gain sufficient support, but we are all still on the same side and must now join forces.

Contrary the BBC reporting Jeremy Corbyn has not lost the support of Labour MPs. It is difficult to lose something you never had. They have been trying to remove Jeremy Corbyn, aided and abetted by the BBC, ever since he was elected,

Contrary to the reporting by the BBC, there is not a revolt within the Labour Party against Jeremy Corbyn, there is a coup by embittered Labour MPs.

Labour has and ideal team of Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell.

Labout MPs have still not got their head around why they lost the last election.

Do they really think they can win an election with a party apparatchik like Hilary Benn leading the party?

Under Ed Miliband people held their nose and voted Labour. Lose Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell and Labour goes the way of the LibDems and Labour in Scotland.

We are now in a period of national crisis. Labour should be consulting across the country, working wth the Tories, how we want our future to look outside the EU. Instead we have Labour MPs with no mandate to do so, indulging in a defeatist self-indulgent coup. Their action will not be forgotten. It is this type of behaviour why the public hold politicians in contempt.

Were Jeremy Corbyn to go we would have two mainstream parties, both of which are puppets of global capital and the bankers.

Why now? Publication of Chilcot Report is days away and when published Blair will be so toxic, no one will wish to be associated with him.

Activists have to turn up at their local parties and remove these Labour MPs.

Please sign the on-line petition showing you support Jeremy Corbyn.

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4 Responses to “We support Jeremy Corbyn”

  1. keithpp Says:

  2. keithpp Says:

  3. Henry Page (@henrypage) Says:

    Dear Keith, you rebutted my comment on Twitter by arguing that we could always access the RU single-market by the default WTO route but then blocked me from replying. Didn’t you want to hear what I had to say? Ah well, here goes anyway:

    WTO sets rules for international trade that apply to all members, no free movement or financial contribution, no obligation to apply EU laws although traded goods would still have to meet EU standards, some tariffs would be in place on trade with the EU, trade in services would be restricted


    The City of London’s financial sector would lose passporting rights on money deals and this would see a mass exodus of banks and finance houses to the EU.

    We could floow Norway into the EEA. Such membership would allow the City of London to keep precious “passporting rights” that mean firms can do cross-border business in any part of the bloc.

    Passporting is important if we want the City to be a base for international financial institutions.It’s for this reason that all the warnings we have heard from banks that they may need to leave the City are contingent on the UK leaving the single market – if we stay, little will change.

    Be a dear, next time someone is tweeting you and they haven’t been rude, don’t block them after you make a comment as a sad way of trying to make a point because it is childish.

  4. keithpp Says:

    Tim Martin chairman of J D Wetherspoon wrote an excellent article on trade.

    J D Wetherspoon are largest buyers of wine.

    They buy little French wine as the quality is poor, with which I would agree.

    They buy outside the EU. They do not need trade deals to buy outside the EU.

    Look in any shops, where does all the stuff come from? It comes from China. China is not in the EU.

    Only 10% of our economic activity is international trade. Of that, less than half is with the EU. We have a trade imbalance with the EU. Thus if there was zero trade with EU, we would actually be better off.

    The minimum would be WTO Favoured Nation Status, low tariffs. If EU pushed higher, then would have problems with WTO.

    Thus, this would be minimum. Starting point for negotiations.

    Yes we would have to meet EU Standards, but that is true of any market.

    We can set our own standards which can be higher.

    It is in the interest of everyone, we maintain existing trading agreements, for which we need no negotiations, we agree on status quo.

    I am sure Germany still wishes to sell us their cars, France their cheese and wines. We are the largest buyers of French Champagne..

    Germany would lose 50.9 billion euros of exports to UK.

    Yes banks could leave, likelihood in near-term, zero,

    Banks are always threatening to leave. Every time there is a hint of regulation of the banks they threaten to leave.

    And if they did leave, it would be no great loss. They do not create wealth, they simply move money around. And if they relocate abroad we would not have to bail them out.

    So far, taking into account banking crisis of 2008, banks have been negative contributors to UK economy.

    WE are hearing all sorts of threatening noises from EU, which strengthens why we were correct to leave.

    They still have not got it, have not got their heads around why the EU is hated across Europe.

    Worse case scenario, is that EU decides a trade war. Greece was destroyed to set an example to other countries. What then for a country that leaves?

    If EU mounted a trade war, EU would come of worse. The countries of southern Europe would be a wastelands. It would trigger not only a recession across Europe, bu ta world recession,a world recession that could last a generation.

    No, it is not rude to block anyone. I am busy person and try to reduce number of tweets I have to deal with.

    What is rude is to post comments in wrong place. Should have been posted under an EU topic.


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