One member one vote

There is a very simple rule in the Labour Party, one member one vote.  It was on that basis Jeremy Corbyn was elected. But 172 Labour MPs think they are superior to the ordinary members who voted overwhelming for Jeremy Corbyn.

There is very little support for what duplicitous Labour MPs  have done, either from Party members or from the public.

Angela Eagle has decided to mount a leadership challenge.

This is against the express wish of her local Labour Party, who have asked her to support Jeremy Corbyn.

There is now a petition circulating in her constituency calling upon her to resign.

Who is she? What is her track record?

Angela Eagle voted for the war in Iraq.

Angela Eagle voted against an inquiry into the war in Iraq.

Angela Eagle voted to increase student fees.

If we look at Labour MPs, abstained when the Tories voted for massive welfare cuts which hit the poorest in society.

Having now outed themselves, and lacking support, acting on a mandate from no one, the coup plotters have nowhere to go

What members must now do is is table a Vote of No Confidence and push for de-selection.

At a time when minds should be focused on  a post-Brexit future self-indulgent Labour MPs decide to destroy the Party.

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