Poundland asbestos hazard

Poundland Aldershot

Poundland Aldershot

Why was one of the aisles in Poundland blocked off?

I asked.

The ceiling had collapsed, and asbestos had been exposed.

I was horrified. Why was the store open putting staff and customers at risk?

The store should be closed, the risk assessed, and not reopened until the asbestos is removed.

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One Response to “Poundland asbestos hazard”

  1. keithpp Says:

    Specialist asbestos contractors have checked the building and stated it is safe, no risk to staff or customers.

    The local council will be monitoring the situation.

    But, the building is in very poor state of repair. There is asbestos in the building. The likelihood of further problems is not a low probability, once again exposing people to risk of asbestos.

    Thus should not the asbestos be removed?

    If in situ the asbestos is not a risk, but considering the very poor state of repair of the building, there is a grave risk of asbestos problem in the future.

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