Garden Party at the Old Vicarage

It was only when finding Curries From Home were not at Farnham Carnival, mentioning to a stall, and they said Garden Party was today, that I learnt it was today.

Off I went, finding Curries From Home not there, I returned to the Carnival until after the Carnival Parade.

Much nicer atmosphere at the Garden Party.

Live music all afternoon until late.

A wander around. Dogs everywhere,

Disappointed  no Curries From Home, as their food excellent. They were not at the Farnham Carnival either. They usually di both.

There was a hog roast. It was not very good, though I ate late, and the pork would not have been at its best.

No Dylan with his icecream van.

Where is everyone?

Talking to people, they are scared of Brexit. Maybe they have good cause to be. We do not know what will happen next. But it was the correct decision to leave.

I tsayed later then I wosihed, I could have stayed later, but dark clouds were thertening heavy rain.

Special tahnnks to our lovely host, who I tahnnked as I left.

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