Farnham Carnival

I arrived later than I wished, but it was raining earlier.

River Wey fast and muddy.

Why has no one repaired the bridge? Very dangerous with many of the bars missing, and all that is stopping kids falling in is plastic netting.

Very disappointed to find Curries From Home not there. Not only was I looking forward to their excellent food, I also wished to know when the Garden Party at the Old Vicarage, as they  always do the food.

Talking to a stall promoting local grown food, they said, Garden Party was today. At least that explained why Curries From Home not at the Carnival.

Off I went, only to find they wee not there. A Hog Roast.

I came back.

Why do they have to have these awful burger vans and other tacky food stalls? Can they not find local food, as they have at Staycation Live in Goldalming?

I had a long chat with the local food stall. They told me of empty  space in Farnham. I said have designated as ReSpace, talk with whoever owns it, and follow the example of The Hive in Dalston.

I was not going to bother with the Carnival Parade, but noticed Gostrey Meadow had emptied, and decided I would.

The man making announcements was not as bad as previous years, at least he kept quiet most of the time, but he gave every impression of being pissed out of his brain. Oh Look, oh yes, a lorry.

I came back, to find Gostrey Meadow was already busy. Obviously most people thought the Carnival Parade not worth bothering with. A wise choice.

I had a coffee of off the tea van that is there on a Saturday. OK, but not great. I liked their flapjacks. I would rather have a coffee from the coffee shops in Downing Street

I noticed all the stalls remained. I can only assume a condition was, they had to remain until the end. This would be sensible, as in the past it was ridiculous, late afternoon, and all the stalls pack up.

It was then back to the Garden Party where I found a much nicer atmosphere.

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