Why we should leave the EU

The late Tony Benn and Bob Crow would have been at the forefront  of the campaign to leave the EU.

It is depressing that Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell have been campaigning on behalf of the EU.

EU was established by the US post-WWII as part of their Global Plan.

Europe was in ruins, the currencies worthless.

US created a euro-dollar area, Germany was the surplus generating country, southern Europe to consume the surplus generated by Germany.

Currencies pegged to the dollar, the dollar pegged to gold.

The founding fathers of the EU had nothing but contempt for democracy.

Jean Monnet, EU founding father:

Europe’s nations should be guided towards the superstate without their people understanding what is happening. This can be accomplished by successive steps, each disguised as having an economic purpose, but which will eventually and irreversibly lead to federation.

Jean-Claude Juncker, unelected EU President,  makes clear that nothing much has changed:

when it becomes serious, you have to lie … There can be no democratic choice against the European treaties.

Who elected Jean-Claude Juncker?

No one.

Can we get rid of him?


What they created, these founding  fathers, was a cartel for big business, a democracy-free zone.

Tony Benn entered Parliament when Winston Churchill was Prime Minster. He was a passionate parliamentarian, an advocate for the poor and oppressed, was a a passionate  believer in democracy.

Tony Benn asked five questions on democracy:

  • What power have you got?
  • Where did you get it from?
  • In whose interests do you use it?
  • To whom are you accountable?
  • How do we get rid of you?

Yanis Varoufakis learnt the hard way who was in power when he was visited within days of taking office as Greek finance minster by a high ranking eurocrat. He wast told in no uncertain terms: You may have a democratic mandate, you ignore it, we tell you what to do, if not, we destroy your banks.

He got the same message at meetings of the eurogroup.  Democracy does not count.

Greece had the audacity to elect a radical government, a radical government that dared to challenge the EU.

For that act of audacity, Greece had to be destroyed to serve as a lesson to others who may think they can challenge the EU.

EU is a dictatorship. We do not have a pooling of sovereignty, as some falsely claim, we have a handing over of sovereignty to a cartel for big business, with often the people having no say.

A pooling of sovereignty is countries cooperating for a common purpose, for example a common defence policy through Nato.

How do we get rid of the EU?

We cannot, our only option is to leave.

We can try, as Yanis Varoufakis is attempting with DiEM25, to democratise the EU.

The EU is probably beyond reform, but even if possible, it would be too remote to ever be accountable to the people.

Dismantling EU, is not the same as not cooperating and trading with Europe.

Those who wish to see the EU destroyed, the Fourth Reich in all but name, are not anti-Europe.

Harry Parkins Bomber Command veteran of 39 ops

Harry Parkins Bomber Command veteran of 39 ops

When people like veteran of WWII Harry Parkins  fought to liberate Europe, they were not anti-Europe, they did so to give people freedom and democracy.

They did not do so to then see Europe ruled by an EU dictatorship.

They did not do so to see spineless specimen of humanity like Dodgy Dave ruining the country, a country run by spivs, tax dodgers and bankers.

Harry Parkins signed up, when he cycled to work one day, and saw his factory destroyed by a German bombing raid.

Dodgy Dave has done an even better job of destroying our factories.

Dodgy Dave, is the Neville Chamberlain of our times, a traitor to his country.

He came back with terms dictated to him by the EU.

And what was in the paper he waived, at least metaphorically?

That EU migrants could not under some circumstances claim benefits.

It was a national humiliation.

They are not here to claim benefits, they are here to work.

With high unemployment in countries like Romania, with low wages, it is no surprise they wish to work in the UK.

Turkey has been in negotiations to join the EU for over a decade. Turkey has been promised fast track access ti EU membership in return for controlling migrants to the EU.

At the weekend, we had Smug George telling us, the poor would suffer if we left EU, the rich would move all their money.

The same smug George who has been screwing the poor for six years, who has granted the rich tax courts, who has aided the rich to move their ill gotten gains to tax havens.

Economically illiterate George Osborne has been forecasting economic catastrophe if we leave EU, a huge deficit, and threatened financial terrorism if we leave.

This is the man who cannot forecast the economy from one budget to the next.

Economists forecast doom and gloom if we leave the EU.

Presumably the same economists who pushed us to join the ERM, who wished is to join the euro, and failed to foresee the 2008 banking crisis.

IMF has destroyed economies across Africa with its Structural Adjustment Programmes.

IMF was complicit with the EU in destroying Greece. Only now the IMF admit they got it wrong.

The Remain camp is bankrolled by Goldman Sachs,  J P Morgan and Morgan Stanley, well known supporters of democracy. These are the  banks that created the dodgy financial instruments, now worthless, giant Ponzi scams, that caused the banking crises of 2008.

When we see war criminal Tony Blair, global corporations, all backing Remain, we know something is very very wrong.

EU is pushing in secret TTIP. This will remove even the fig leaf of democracy. It will hand control to global corporations.

EU has not led to peace and prosperity in Europe.

EU is a failing economic area, high unemployment, due to structural flaws in the design of the euro.

EU is leading to a rise in Fascism across Europe. Has destabilised Vladimir Putin the opportunity to seize Crimea and bringing us to the brink of WWIII.

International trade is around 10% of UK economic activity. Of that, less than half is with the EU. We have a trade deficit with the EU, ie EU sells us more than we sell the EU.

We are told there will be a loss of trade, we will have to negotiate trade deals.

Why? Are existing  trade deals to be ripped up? That would be in the interest of no one. Are the Germans going to refuse to sell us their cars, the French their wine and cheese? UK is the largest market for French champagne.

Most of the goods we see in our shops are from China.

China is not in the EU. We have no trade deal with China.

One does not need a trade deal to trade.

The merchants who set sail from Venice did not have a trade deal. Those who travelled the Silk Road did not have a trade deal. They were merchants who had goods to sell and willing buyers.

J D Wetherspoon is one of the largest buyers of wine. They buy little from France because of the low quality of French wine. They buy from outside the EU.

We have seen the stock market fall last week, volatility in the pound. This is normal in times of crisis. The major cause of crisis is not Brexit, it is US Presidential Election and implosion of Brazil. The stock market fell last week, it was down at the level it was late February. The pound fell. Historically it is at a higher level than last couple of years. This week, it bounced back up. At times of crisis, money flows onto the dollar, a reserve currency, and into gold.

EU is not good for the environment.

Nearly 10,000 people a year die in London due to air pollution, toxic diesel fumes being spewed into the air we breathe. We used to see few diesel cars, now around 40%. The reason why, EU pushed diesel. They did so following lobbying by VW, the same VW that fiddled its diesel emissions tests.

Common Agricultural Policy has destroyed our countryside, and still continues to promote bad farming practises, which not only are bad for the countryside, but also inpact upon the long term sustainability of farming.

Commons Fisheries Policy has opened up British Fishing Waters to foreign vessels, destroyed fish stocks through over fishing and devastated the British fishing industry.

But it is not only our waters. EU has financed massive factory ships off the cast of Africa. Small fishing communities were destroyed in Somalia. The fisherman turned to more lucrative piracy.

When Friends of the Earth, big business with environmental campaigning as the product, push for the EU, they fail to mentions the millions of euros they and other big business campaign groups receive from the EU.

As Tony Benn once said (and I paraphrase) do  we want rights handed down by a king, or granted by a Parliament elected by the people.

We have the choice between an unelected EU issuing diktats, or an elected Parliament acting with the will of the people.

We set our own environmental and labour standards, not rely on back door from a  dictatorship. Pollution recognises no borders.  We therefore have cross border cooperation.

In 2015, Iceland withdraw its application to join the EU. Last week, Switzerland withdrew its application.

EU is close to collapse. Brexit will simply hasten that collapse.

We should be working towards controlled disintegration and forming what Tony Benn called a Commonwealth of Countries of East and West. What today would be called a network of cooperating. sovereign, democratic countries.

Jeremy Corbyn this week has said we need cooperation across Europe. He is correct, cooperation, not dictatorship.

We should be taking back control to the lowest possible level. Forming open coops, contributing to the collaborative commons, taking control of Town Halls, as we have seen in Frome and across Spain, then networking across Europe.

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2 Responses to “Why we should leave the EU”

  1. keithpp Says:

    EU myths and fairy tales

    Insight of Marquis de Condorcet

  2. keithpp Says:

    Norway fed the same garbage if they failed to join EU. Economy would collapse, massive loss of jobs.

    Norway is one of the most prosperous countries in Europe. Norway still has its fish stocks.

    Last year Iceland withdrew its application to join the EU.

    Iceland did not bail out the banks. Iceland threw in prison the corrupt politicians and criminal bankers.

    Switzerland last week, withdrew its application to join the EU.

    Greeks last summer, showed courage and said No to the EU. Sadly they were then betrayed by their own government.

    Greece is now under EU occupation, with a puppet government.

    Greece signed a surrender document.

    On the first page:

    – agree to everything the EU says
    – EU has veto over all Greek legislation

    Yanis Varoufalisk resigned because he refused to sign the surrender document.

    Holland is considering withdrawal from EU.

    Czech Republic is closely watching result. If Leave, there will be a massive campaign in Czech Republic for a referendum to leave.

    EU has destroyed economies and jobs across southern Europe.

    For many weeks, every night across France peaceful protest against austerity. Austerity imposed on France by EU.

    Same garbage if we refused to join the euro, loss of jobs, collapse of economy.

    How many can name the 28-member EU junta, otherwise known as Commission, let alone what they stand for?

    British junta member is the unelected Lord Hill, unelected to the junta. And no you cannot get rid of him.

    Unelected EU president in 2015 announced formation of EU Army. This was for security. EU is under no external threat, therefore can only be for internal repression.

    Merkel has announced increasing the German Army.

    Oops, we have been there before.

    EU is close to collapse. Brexit will only serve to hasten that collapse.

    We should therefore be looking forward, to the creation of a network of cooperating sovereign, democratic countries.

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