Afternoon in Winchester

St Catherine's Hill leading down into Winchester

St Catherine’s Hill leading down into Winchester

Morning, before I set off raining. During the day, hazy sun.

Bus failed to turn up, missed train to Alton.

At Alton, a filthy bus could barely see out of the window.

Alighted one stop before the bus station and walked down the hill into Winchester.

Wednesday is street food market. Most, I would not touch, but one or two stalls worthwhile, the cheese stall, bread stall, the coffee van tucked to one side.

The market had shrunk.


Apparently action by the council following complaints from shops.

Once again, big retailers dictating what happens in our  town centres.

The Italian Table, was not there.  Neither was Jimmy Bean. But then Jimmy Bean lost the plot when he linked up with someone serving awful food.

Where to eat?

I tried a guy with falafel, hummus and salad and pita bread.

I sat and ate in the grounds of Winchester Cathedral.

Substantial portion, and actually quite good.

Whilst eating, a father and son, shouting to Vote Remain in the EU Referendum. They had a hostile reception.

A cappuccino off Flat White.

When I have a bad coffee, as I did off The Godalming Food Company yesterday, I wonder, is it my sense of taste. It takes a good coffee to tell me no, my sense of taste is calibrated.

I would not normally agree to chocolate in a cappuccino, as it ruins it, only advisable for a bad cappuccino to take away the taste.

I mentioned how it was done in Tenerife, cocoa, not chocolate, added half way through. Yes, we  do it that way too.

I encountered the father and son again. Still getting  a hostile reception, which sadly resulted in the son being attacked, but he was ok.

We walked up the High Street and had a chat. They could not see anything good in the EU, but wished to see reform. A touching faith in fairy tales. I said check out Yanis Varoufakis and DiEM25.

I suggested they read The Global Minotaur and And the weak suffer what they must? as they would then have a better understanding of the EU, how it came to be formed, why it is a democracy-free zone and why it is failing.

I wished I had suggested go for a coffee, though by now everywhere closed. Father though was in light of hostile reception, keen to get his son home.

Down a side street,  I found a new coffee shop, claiming to serve quality coffee. They all make that claim, few are.  To try on another visit.

I had time, just, to walk down the side of the River Itchen and around the back streets behind  Winchester cathedral.

I had noticed a fleet of new buses.  One of them was the return No 64.

Outside, usb for charging.

I saw no usb for charging. And I am not sure I would wish to use. It is one thing a mains outlet, via a charger. Quite another to plug usb straight into tablet or mobile phone. How clean  the supply?

I alighted at one end of Alton and walked through the town.

I looked in a pub. I fancied a drink. Doomsbar. No thanks. When are pubs going to serve decent beer?

Sad to see Brock’s Farm Shop gone It was an excellent butcher. Now a kebab shop.

Popped in O’Connor’s Secret Garden, had a chat with Peter O’Connor and had a beer.

I looked in the Station Cafe. Tonight Bikers Night. I expected hundreds, it was a lovely sunny evening, and yet very few.

Outside Alton Station, 2040 and yet still lovely and warm in the sun.

Then train.

Train down had no wifi, train back had no wifi.

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